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What is a
Flat Surface Cleaner?

What's a Flat Surface Cleaner? It’s a pressure washer cleaning accessory that's available either as a small unit that can be mounted on the end of a spray gun or extension pole to clean horizontal or vertical flat surfaces.

These flat surface cleaners are also commonly marketed as “Whirl-A-Ways”. You can clean driveways, walls, vinyl siding, asphalt, concrete, pools, tennis courts, ramps, etc. very quickly. (The smaller Whirl-a-Way units clean vertical surfaces.)

I highly recommend the Yamaha Flat Surface cleaner on Amazon. It'll get your cleaning jobs done FOUR times faster than with a regular spray nozzle! No wonder pro's swear by flat surface cleaners.

The Yamaha Flat Surface cleaner attaches quickly to your wand and won't leave annoying zebra stripes on asphalt, concrete, etc.

And you can check Amazon's price on the Yamaha Flat Surface Cleaner.

In fact, flat surface cleaners clean even faster than regular spray nozzles or water brooms.

For example, cleaning the typical driveway of 400 sq. ft. will take 80 minutes using a spray nozzle, 30 minutes using a water broom and only 10 minutes using a flat surface cleaner! 










Inside the circular, plastic cover of the surface cleaner, you will find rotary cleaning arms that spin from the force of the pressurized water that is ejected out from the end of the arms. This rotary motion creates the fast scrubbing action that Whirl-A-Ways are famous for.

Remember that each flat surface cleaner works within certain ranges for PSI, GPM, etc., so read the specifications carefully to make sure it will work with your specific pressure washer engine and pump output.

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