Pressure Washer O-Rings

o-ring for pressure washer gasket parts

A pressure washer O-ring is a small round gasket that's used to give a water tight seal between hose, nozzle, and wand connections. O-rings are generally made of EPDM rubber, to help ensure a long working life. It doesn't matter if your pressure washer o-rings are made of black rubber or colored rubber, they work the same.

O-rings naturally wear out over time and eventually have to be replaced. If you've noticed water dripping from a hose or nozzle, chances are you can completely correct this annoying problem by replacing the worn-out o-ring.

If you're like me, your o-rings will sometimes pop off as you change a nozzle or hose, and because of their small size, I find them very difficult to locate. They roll away very quickly!

But o-rings are very easy to replace and I always have an extra pack of them around.

ANOTHER TIP: When you replace your o-rings, this is an excellent opportunity to check your inlet screen. If it's dirty or clogged, gently run it under the garden hose to remove debris. Be careful to not bend the screen!

You'll get increased and efficient water pressure if you change your o-rings and clean your inlet screens regularly.

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