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Pressure Washer Pump 101

A pressure washer pump is the heart of any washer.

It's easy to forget, as you compare different pressure washer models, that the quality of your pump is just as important as the quality of your engine!

You can check out my #1 best recommended replacement pump: the Generac universal replacement pump that's available on Amazon. Because it's a universal pump, it will work with ANY pressure washer brand. You can check Amazon's great price on this Generac universal replacement pump.

Here I list the 3 types of pressure washer pumps and my top recommendation for replacement pumps:

There are three types of pressure washer pumps: wobble, axial and triplex pumps.

Wobble pumps are used on the entry level electric pressure washers. Wobble pumps are cheaper to build and they are not replaceable. If you have a pressure washer with a wobble pump that breaks, you'll have to replace your whole pressure washer. These pumps are generally designed to last about 300 working hours.  

The next type of pressure washer pump is the axial cam water pump. Axial cam pumps are much more reliable and powerful than wobble pumps. Axial cam pumps have larger bearings and oil reservoirs so they can run harder and longer. On average, axial cam pumps last around 600-700 hours before needing repairs or servicing.

Click here for my Review of the Best Axial Cam Pumps if you need to replace your axial cam power washer pump! My review will save you time & money.

The last pump is the heavy-duty pump triplex  pump. These are most commonly seen on the higher quality, contractor level pressure washers. Triplex pumps have a longer life expectancy and are more efficient than axial cam pumps, but they are generally put onto pressure washers that are significantly more expensive and heavy.

My recommendation of the best pressure washer pump?  It depends on what you want to use your pressure washer for! Are you planning on using your pressure washer for occasional cleaning? Would you expect to use your pressure washer less than a dozen times a year? If that rings true for you, a pressure washer with a wobble pump is a great choice.

Are you fairly obsessed with power washing? Do you think you'll be pulling out your pressure washer several times a month? Are you buying a pressure washer for the long haul? Then maybe you should consider investing in a pressure washer with an axial cam pump. You'll get years of hard working cleaning power.

Are you thinking about starting your own pressure washing business? Then you really need to invest in a contractor grade pressure washer that has a triplex pump. If you're a pressure washing contractor you don't want to lose time & money so you need a heavy duty pressure washer pump that you can rely on.

Best Pressure Washer Replacement Pumps

Are you thinking about replacing your pressure washer pump? Then you'll want to read my Best Pressure Washer Pump Review Page to save time, money & effort!

I review & rate the most popular power washer replacement pumps to help you get your unit up & running again. Click here to read my pro reviews of the best pump replacement units!

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2015 Pressure Washer Reviews

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