Replacement Pressure Washer Wheel

No doubt about it, when you need to replace your pressure washer wheel, you really need to replace it fast!

There are a few things that can make a tire go bad: age, dry-rot or a puncture.

It's a pain - and almost impossible - to use your pressure washer without good tires that allow you to move it around.

pressure washer wheel tire replacement

But I've found out, the hard way, that when you need to replace your tire, finding one can be a real pain. It's very frustrating! It seems like the pressure washer manufacturers would rather sell you a new, complete pressure washer, rather than sell you a replacement for your worn-out wheel.

Most pressure washer models on the market use 10" tires with 3/4" bushings. Some of the heavier, commerical units use 13" tires with 3/4" bushing. Your owners manual will tell you the size of your tires, or you can just measure them.

Good luck & Happy Pressure Washing!

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