Should You Rent a Pressure Washer?

rent a pressure washer

Six years ago, I would have said "Yes". But not anymore!

Over the last five years, there have been major improvements in the design and manufacturing of pressure washers, which have lowered the cost of purchasing a quality electric or gas pressure washer.

Pressure washer engines have become more powerful & lighter. And the new generation of brand name axial cam pressure washer pumps are more reliable & longer lasting.

And now there are more stores & internet sites that offer pressure washer equipment to homeowners, so prices are extremely competitive.

You can do the math to decide:

In my home area, which is southeastern Pennsylvania, pressure washers can be routinely rented for $50 to $60 a day. (Rates may be higher in your area.)

The average homeowner can now purchase their own high quality pressure washer starting at only $200.00 to $350.00. Perhaps much less!

My Recommendation? Buying your own pressure washer is a better value than renting one! You will save time & money in the long run and you'll alway have your equipment ready to use.

IF you only need a pressure washer for a single, one-time cleaning job that will take a few hours, I still recommend investing in your own pressure washer. If you truly don't need it again, you can list it on a resale site such as Craigs List and sell it to someone in your area!

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