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Pressure Washer Buyers Guide

You've come to the right place to find out which pressure washers are the best models to buy - and how to use one! I also share my pro cleaning and repair tips to help you get the most out of your pressure washer.

And you can see my top recommended gas pressure washer: the Generac 6596 on Amazon.

Over the years, many of my friends have asked me for advice about which pressure washer they should buy - and how to clean. So I share my expert advice to save you time, money & disappointment!

If you need to decide between a gas or electric washer read Choosing a Pressure Washer. I'll take you, step by step, through the process of how to decide whether you need a gas or electric unit.

Want to know my top picks for the best & most economical pressure washers on the market?

Click here for the Best Electric Pressure Washer Reviews for important information before you buy!

Click here for the Best Gas Pressure Washer Reviews so you'll know before you buy!

Or, do you think you need a gas pressure washer & want to know more about how they work & what to look for? Then my Gas Pressure Washer page is full of important info for you. Everything you need to know to buy the best gas pressure washer is included on the Gas Pressure Washer page!

karcher pressure washer

Are you considering one of the popular electric pressure washers on the markets, but want to know how & when they're the best choice for you? Take a minute to check out my Electric Pressure Washer page on this pressure washer buyers guide for the facts you're looking for.

pressure washer pump repair

Having pressure washer pump problems? My Pressure Washer Pump Repair page has excellent troubleshooting advice and gives you invaluable tips on whether to repair or replace your pump! The Pressure Washer Pump Repair page is one of my most visited pages!

If you have any pump questions, or want a very quick review about how pressure washer pumps work, my Pressure Washer Pump 101 page is the best place to start!

pressure washer spray nozzle

Do you want to know what why gas pressure washer nozzles are different colors - and what the nozzle colors mean? Check out my Pressure Washer Spray Nozzle page so you can match the right pressure washer nozzle color to the right cleaning job!

pressure washer repair

Need pressure washer repairs - but don't know where to start? Read my Pressure Washer Repair Guide page to find out how to get your unit fixed - whether it's still under warranty or not!

pressure washer pump oil

Do you have questions about pump oil or how often you need to change it? Go straight to my Pump Oil page to make sure you keep your pump from becoming damaged! The information on the pump oil page could really help you from ruining your pressure washer pump!

If you washing your basement with your electric pressure washer, then it's a good time to check to make sure your sump pump is working properly. If you want to know more about sump pumps, and how to choose the best sump pumps, check out this great resource for sump pump information.

Pressure Washer Reviews

Thinking about getting a new pressure washer? Before you buy, get my pro review of the best pressure washers on the market! My expert reviews will save you time & money. Just click on one of my photos, below, to get the information you need:

The best pressure washer accessories will give you pro cleaning results! Read my Best Pressure Washing Accessories page to learn which ones are best suited for homeowners. Cleaning tips too.

pressure washer accessories
pressure wash deck

Need to pressure wash your deck? Don't start cleaning until you read my Deck Cleaning page!

Not completely sure how a pressure washer works - or just want to brush up on your knowledge? Read How Pressure Washers Work for a quick refresher course.

Best Gas Pressure Washer Buying Tips - Read before you buy!

Having problems or need to replace your Unloader Valve?

What's so special about pressure washer High Pressure Hoses?

How to get your Karcher pressure washer quickly repaired.

Thanks for visiting the Pressure Washer Buyers Guide and have fun tackling your cleaning jobs!

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Pressure Washer Reviews

Thinking about getting a new pressure washer? Before you buy, get my pro review of the best pressure washers on the market! My expert reviews will save you time & money. Just click on one of my photos, below, to get the information you need:

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