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AR Triplex Pump Review

This AR Triplex pump review is the best place if you need help finding a replacement pump that best suits your washer and your budget. I’ll discuss how a triplex pump works and will give suggestions on the best triplex pump replacement models found in the market today.

And you can see my top triplex pump recommendation: the AR Triplex Pump on Amazon.

Let’s start this AR Triplex pump review by discussing how they work: a triplex pump is a positive-displacement pumps that mechanically moves and pressurizes the water in your power washer. They have three plungers and are powered by the gas engine of your washer.

Check out my best triplex pump choice: the AR Triplex Pump RSV4G40-PKG on Amazon. This AR triplex pump has a new high efficiency design with oversized bearings for longer life - and stainless steel rods for more strength. It'll give you a monster max 4,000 PSI, 4 GPM and 3400 RPM.

You can check Amazon's price on the AR Triplex RSV4G40-PKG pump.

Triplex pumps are created with heavier components and bearings than a typical axial cam pump. They also more durable and have a longer working life compared to axial cam pumps. And they produce much higher PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) ratings. Generally, a triplex will outlast an axial by 10:1.  Not surprisingly, many commercial washing pros choose triplex pumps for their dependable performance and higher PSI ratings.

AR Triplex Pump Review Buying Tips

Keep in mind that you don't have to choose the same brand of triplex replacement pumps for your washer. Here's an example: if your power washer came with a CAT triplex pump, you can replace it with another triplex brand when it finally wears out.  

That's right. You can choose any triplex pump brand name as long as both your old pump and your new replacement pump have the same PSI (pounds per square inch) and GPM (gallons per minute) specifications.

It’s also important that the mounting direction of the pump, which can be either vertical or horizontal, matches up.

And you can see my top triplex pump recommendation: the AR Triplex Pump on Amazon.

Don’t Forget to Buy Pump Antifreeze

Here's a tip I want to include along with my AR triplex pump review guide: using pressure washer pump antifreeze is one of the best and most cost-effective way of keeping your pump in tip-top shape over the winter. Pump antifreeze also helps when you don't use your pressure washer regularly. 

Antifreeze for triplex pumps are sold in aerosol cans and are relatively cheap. In fact, you can get a small can of pressure washer pump antifreeze for about 10 bucks and use it for up to four applications. This is a good bargain. Think about it: when you compare $10, to a few hundred dollars you’ll spend on a new replacement pump, you'll definitely see why I think every new pressure washer should always come with a can of this stuff.

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