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Asphalt Cleaning Tips for Pressure Washing 

If you're reading this page, you're probably preparing to pressure wash your asphalt driveway, court, patio or walkway. Here are some pro-style cleaning tips to help you achieve the best asphalt cleaning results.

If you have a large asphalt or concrete driveway, you should really consider getting a flat surface cleaner. They're the quickest way to clean large surfaces, especially if you've got oil, fuel, grease, mildew or algae stains. A flat surface cleaner will clean 4x's as fast as a regular nozzle without leaving tell-tale zebra stripes. Pro's always use surface cleaners because they are save time & give great results.

And you can see my best tool recommendation for asphalt cleaning: the Yamaha Surface cleaner on Amazon.

It's what the pro's use to get the job done fast without leaving zebra stripes on asphalt. This Yamaha Surface cleaner cleans 4x faster than a nozzle and quickly attaches to your wand.

And you can check Amazon's price on the Yamaha surface cleaner.

Besides leaves, dust, dirt and mud, you'll most often see tire marks and oil/grease stains on your blacktop surfaces. You can always remove the leaves, dust, dirt and mud with clear water, but you'll need the help of a driveway detergent to help remove stubborn stains like tire marks, oil and grease. Make sure the driveway cleaner you buy states that it specifically can be used on blacktop!

I've heard people recommend home-made cleaning recipes, but I urge you to stay away from them! Only use commercial chemicals and detergents that are specially formulated for use in a pressure washer. Otherwise, you risk ruining your washer and the very surface you're trying to clean.

I highly recommend the Yamaha surface cleaner on Amazon, as the best model on the market! It's got a generous 15" head for quick cleaning & less passes. I love that it's a quick connect attachments & it's work great with almost all pressure washers up to 3,300 PSI. I think you just can't go wrong with this Yamaha surface cleaner on Amazon!

As always, safety first. Wear protective clothing and eye goggles. If you have any lighting fixtures, electrical outlets or jacks in the area, remove them or seal them against water.

If you don't have a flat surface cleaner start out by using your low pressure (black) nozzle to apply your detergent or degreaser and make sure you allow the fluid to rest on the dirty surface for a few minutes. Follow the manufacturer's directions and let your detergent do most of the work for you.

Then start pressure washing by holding your white nozzle 3-4 feet away. Slowly move your nozzle closer, IF needed. Remember, asphalt, depending on temperature, can be a relatively soft material. Change to a more powerful nozzle only if necessary. Clean slowly and carefully.

Here's a general guideline for cleaning asphalt, but remember, it's only a guideline:

PSI RATING --------- Closest Nozzle Distance from Surface

2,000 to 3,000 PSI --- 12" to 24"

3,000+ PSI --- 16" to 36"

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