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How to Choose the
Backpack Sprayer 

Backpack sprayer? Although it's technically not a pressure washer, I just wanted to mention the new Backpack Sprayers that are quickly becoming a favorite of homeowners and DIYers. I use mine all the time, especially to spray Round-up to kill pesky weeds!

They are incredibly helpful for any homeowner who needs to spray herbicides, insecticides, chemicals, germ control liquids, etc. If you need to treat your lawn, garden, trees, shrubs, fences, decks, swimming pool, etc., this is a great choice for you.

The new backpack sprayers have considerable more capacity than the smaller hand sprayers on the market. Backpack sprayers generally have a capacity of 3-5 gallons, and I think the 4 gallon capacity is the best choice.

The tanks are usually made of lightweight plastics, are chemical resistant and can be used with products such as Roundup. Shoulder straps are attached to the tank.

There is a hand lever that allows you to pump up pressure while you're spraying. Most good models will achieve a PSI of 15-90

These sprayers are equipped with a sprayer wand and nozzle tips.

MY TIP: Choose a model that offers you several nozzle tips which will provide you with a choice of spray widths and patterns!

These units were once only used by commercial contractors and professionals, but they are now very competitively priced for the average homeowner. They will save you time and money on big spraying jobs and they're super-easy to use.

Don't forget that you can always try to snag a great deal on backpack sprayers or pressure washers at Ebay!


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