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As you probably know, the best electric pressure washers will easily tackle many outdoor and indoor cleaning jobs, without the noise, fumes and extra weight of gas pressure washers. And electric pressure washers are economically priced!

Here's my #1 top choice for the best all-around electric pressure washer on the market: the AR Blue Clean AR383 on Amazon is a great electric pressure washer choice for cleaning around your home, garden, patio, garage, etc.

The AR Blue Clean is a favorite with homeowners and it consistently earns very high ratings from consumers -- and I highly recommend it.

And you can check Amazon's price for the AR Blue Clean AR383.

Here's why I recommend the AR Blue Clean AR383:

It has 1900 PSI, which will give you very good cleaning power - and speed. And it features an Annovi Reverberi Triplex 3 axial-piston pump which is a much higher quality & longer lasting pump than the wobble pumps you'll see on those cheaper & lower quality models!

The AR Blue Clean AR383 on Amazon has a Total Stop System which means that the entire pressure washer unit is controlled by your finger on the trigger gun. I think that's a great safety improvement!

And another thing I really, really like about the AR Blue Clean AR383 is that it has a hose reel! The fact that you can easily & neatly store your 20 ft hose on its hose reel will help your work more efficiently & neatly - and it makes storing your unit a breeze! Click here to read more specs on Amazon!

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Click here to see the AR Blue Clean AR383 at Amazon!

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