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This best pressure washer pump review page was written to help you decide whether you need to repair or replace your pump. I share repair tips to help you fix your pump and review the best replacement pumps on the market.

The Generac Universal axial cam pump on Amazon works with virtually any pressure washer brand with 3,000 PSI, horizontal mounting and 3/4" shaft.

Check Amazon's price on the Generac axial cam pump.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Pump?

Pump issues are the most common source of pressure washer problems. Yes, pumps are designed for long life. But since they're a working part, they'll eventually wear out or fail.

Most residential gas pressure washers are powered with an axial cam pump. And if your axial cam pump fails, you can either repair or replace it.

If you want to repair the axial cam pump on your gas pressure washer, you can have the work done at a local engine or service shop. But, I really want to warn you that most repair jobs I've seen usually run 1-2 hours. And with hourly shop rates usually around $45-$55/hour, repair costs can add up quickly!

But really, my best advice, if you're having pump problems on an otherwise good gas pressure washer unit, is to just replace your axial cam pump! It's very easy & you'll save some dough.

You can see my top axial pump recommendation for pressure washers: the Generac universal pump on Amazon that works with all washer brands.

This Generac replacement pump will work with up to 3,000 PSI on all gas pressure washers engine brands that have a 3/4" shaft. Also, this Generac axial pump comes pre-filled and sealed with oil to last the entire life of the pump! No need for you to mess around with oil maintenance.

And you can check Amazon's price on my recommended Generac universal replacement pump.

You can replace most axial cam pumps by just unbolting them! That's all. I have a Comet pump and I only have to take off four small bolts to get mine off.

best pressure washer pump

Just remember to always match the specs (max PSI/GPM, etc) of the new replacement pump with your old, existing pump so you'll be sure to buy the best pressure washer pump.

Here are my top recommendation for the best & most economical pressure washer replacement pumps....

Triplex Pump Review

If you have a medium to heavy-duty pressure washer designed for a homeowner or contractor, you may have a triplex pump on your power washer.

Triplex pumps are built with more durable components and bearings to give you a longer, trouble-free working life. But, eventually, you will need to replace a triplex pump.

Check out my best triplex pump choice: the AR Triplex Pump RSV4G40-PKG on Amazon. This AR triplex pump has a new high efficiency design with oversized bearings for longer life - and stainless steel rods for more strength. It'll give you a monster max 4,000 PSI, 4 GPM and 3400 RPM.

You can check Amazon's price on the AR Triplex RSV4G40-PKG pump.

Replacing a triplex pump is just as easy as replacing an axial cam pump - and if your pressure washer engine is still doing great - replacing the pressure washer pump is a cheaper alternative to buying a brand new pressure washer.

Best Pressure Washer Pump Review

The Generac Universal Horizontal Pump on Amazon is my #1 recommendation for quality & price! It consistently has a very satisfaction rating from consumers.

Here's why I highly recommend it:

This quality Generac pump on Amazon is a universal fit - so it will work with any pressure gas pressure washer brand. As you know, Generac has an excellent reputation for quality.

The Generac Universal Pump is very competitively priced and it comes to you completely sealed - and ready to be installed next to your engine. I love that it comes completely sealed & with proper fluids. Extra easy & fast installation for you. Click here to read more specifications on

best pressure washer pump

Click here to see the Generac Universal pump at


The Himore Universal Vertical 7/8" Pump is another great choice if you need a vertical replacement pump and it usually rates very high among pressure washer users. You can read the reviews here Here's why I recommend it:

First, it's very economically priced. You can pick it up for less than $100!

This vertical mount pump with 7/8" shaft fits any model or brand of pressure washer with a maximum of 2700 PSI and 2.4 GPM.

And this Himore Universal Pump will come to you filled with pump oil, sealed and ready to be put onto your washer. Super easy installation so you won't waste time getting your unit up & running again. 

Click here to read more Himore specs on Amazon.

Himore Universal Vertical Pump at Amazon


The Briggs Brass Universal pressure washer pump is an excellent choice if you're looking for a heavier, more durable pump for a few extra bucks. It's a work horse. And you can read the Briggs reviews on

Here's why I recommend it:

Of course, it is a universal fit so it will fit all pressure washer brands and models up to 2600 PSI.

But the Briggs Universal pump is made with a brass head which is extremely durable and highly resistant from cracking from freezing water in the winter!  If you've ever stored your pressure washer in a cold garage, over the winter, and tried to restart your washer in the spring, you'll know what I mean. A common reason for pump failure is due to storing a pressure washer in an unheated area - which makes any water in the pump freeze & expand and crack the pump!             

And it has super easy installation too: it comes oiled, sealed & ready to bolt on. Click here to read more specs at

best pressure washer pump

Click here to see the Briggs Brass Universal pump at

If you pick any one of these 3 best pressure washer pumps, you just can't go wrong!

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