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How to Choose the Best Pressure Washer
for You 

There are hundreds of gas and electric pressure washer models for sale so choosing the best pressure washer for you and your budget can be a challenge. Just follow my pro tips to help you find the perfect pressure washer for you, your cleaning jobs and your budget.

Do You Need a GAS or ELECTRIC Pressure Washer?

best pressure washer

Before you start shopping around, the best idea is to stop and think about the cleaning jobs you want to do. Thinking about the cleaning jobs you need to get done will help you choose between a gas or electric pressure washer.


An electric pressure washer is the best choice if you plan to use it once or twice a month - or less. Electric pressure washers are ideal for light cleaning jobs like washing the car, grill, dirt bike or RV.

Also, an electric pressure washer is the right choice if you want to tackle indoor cleaning projects too! A gas pressure washer cannot be used indoors. Electric pressure washers don't produce fumes, but gas pressure washers do, so electric pressure washers are the best choice for indoor cleaning.

And keep in mind that an electric pressure washer is much lighter & easier to maneuver than a gas pressure washer - and an electric unit costs much less than a gas unit.

You can find quite a few electric units like Karcher or AR North America for less than $200. 

best pressure washer


If you're planning on using your pressure washer at least a few times a month - or more - then a gas pressure washer may be the better choice for you.

And if you're thinking about doing some heavy duty projects like cleaning decks, driveways, removing mildew, stripping paint and cleaning gutters, a gas pressure washer is a great choice.

And remember, because gas pressure washers produce fumes, they can only be used outdoors.

Gas pressure washers produce more cleaning power and they can finish demanding cleaning jobs faster. And, yes, they're louder than electric pressure washers.

I should mention that gas pressure washers cost more than electric models, but they generally last longer than electric units because they're built with more powerful engines and pumps.

Now That You Know Which is the Best Pressure Washer For You......

Whether you've decided on an electric or gas pressure washer, take some time to compare models & prices. The prices for good quality units have really come down in the last few years and you can compare a lot on the internet, to get the best deal.

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