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Best Brick Patio
& Walkway
Cleaning Tips
for Pressure Washing 

Refresh your Brick Patio and Walkway with Pressure Washing - And Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal!

Brick patios and walkways add beauty and grace to your home's landscaping. But they take a lot of abuse. Salt, mildew, chemicals, grease stains, moss, mud and more, can accumulate. Use your pressure washer to remove these spots and bring out their original beauty!

And I want mention that a good flat surface cleaner can quickly and easily clean all brick patios, walkways and walls. That's why the pro's use them!

I highly recommend the Yamaha Flat Surface cleaner on Amazon. It'll get your cleaning jobs done FOUR times faster than with a regular spray nozzle! No wonder pro's swear by flat surface cleaners.

The Yamaha Flat Surface cleaner attaches quickly to your wand and won't leave annoying zebra stripes on asphalt, concrete, etc.

And you can check Amazon's price on the Yamaha Flat Surface Cleaner.

Also, if you want to sell your home, pressure washing your home and walkways is a great, easy and cheap way to add to your curb appeal and the value of your home!

Please keep these tips in mind:

Remember that pressure washing works best on patios and walkways that are joined with mortar or concrete. If they are only loosely set in sand I would NOT recommend using a pressure washer! The force of the pressurized water will remove the sand between the bricks and may destroy your area. Pressure washer attachments like surface cleaners and rotary nozzles were once only used by professionals, but are now available to the homeowner market. You don't need to hire a professional anymore!

Also, I would not recommend pressure washing historic or handmade bricks. These bricks are usually very porous & soft and can easily become damaged. Extremely old mortar can crack or dislodge from the pressure of the water. I would first seek the advice of a professional, before cleaning historic bricks.

To prepare your brick patio or walkway for pressure washing, remove any furniture, pots, plants, grills, etc. Cover the legs/bottoms of any remaining fixtures that can't be moved & make sure they are unplugged. And if you have any electrical outlets or jacks, cover them to make them waterproof. As you know, water and electricity don't mix.

And as I always say, wear your safety goggles! Your eyesight is precious & it only takes a moment to protect it.

If you decide to use a detergent, use your low pressure (black) nozzle to apply it and allow the fluid to sit on the dirty brick patio or walkway for a few minutes. Detergents need time to work - follow the label's directions. And never, ever use home-made cleaning recipes or bleach! 

After your detergent is allowed to sit on the surface, begin power washing your patio or walkway by holding your white nozzle 3-4 feet away from the dirty surface. Slowly move the nozzle closer, only IF needed. Change from the white nozzle, to a more powerful nozzle, only if absolutely necessary.

Don't let your pressure washer spray deviate from the brick surface, otherwise, you may cut huge gouges in your nearby grass, etc.

A little practice makes perfect, but here's the general guideline for brick & mortar patios and walkways:


PSI Rating -- And Closest Nozzle Distance from Surface

2,000 to 3,000 PSI ---- 12” to 24”

3,000+ PSI ---- 18” to 30” 


MY TIP: When you're power washing walkways & patios, you're most likely working next to your grass lawn. Because of this, I would heartily recommend using an environmentally friendly detergent that states that it is SAFE to use around pets, children, plants, trees, etc.! Some salts and chemicals can burn or kill grass, so you want to choose carefully.

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