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Here's a Cheap Pressure Washing Idea for You 

On a tight budget in these tough economic times and need cheap pressure washing? Or do you just like to save money when you can?

Well, this cheap pressure washing idea might interest you: 

My friend, a retired school teacher, wanted to buy a quality pressure washer that would hold up for a number of years. He carefully considered all the models that would be appropriate for his cleaning projects around his house.

He concluded that the pressure washer he needed would be within the $225 to $300 range. But since he's on a fixed income, it was not in his budget. 

So, he called up his good neighbor and suggested that they buy the pressure washer together. The neighbor had also been thinking that he'd like to have one - so he jumped at the chance. 

Now my friend and his neighbor share the same pressure washer and are very happy. They clean quickly and effectively with a high quality pressure washer - but each only paid half of the cost! A great pressure washing idea indeed.

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