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Comet Pump Pressure Washer Pump Guide

Are you looking for a replacement Comet pump pressure washer pump- or have questions about the Comet warranty & replacement options? Then this page is for you!

Let's review the Comet pump warranty information and then we'll talk about replacing your pump unit.

You can see my #1 Comet replacement pump recommendation: the Comet Pump AXD2530 on Amazon.

It's a quality axial pump that's designed for fast replacement. The Comet AXD2530 pump is pre-plumbed, pre-tested and fits standard 4 bolt engine face plates. It works well with up to 2,700 PSI, 2.5 GPM with 3/4" shaft diameter.

And you can see Amazon's price on the Comet AXD2530 replacement pump.

Comet Pump Pressure Washer Pump

Comet Pump Pressure Washer Pump Warranty Information

Comet pumps are commonly seen on Briggs & Stratton, Devil Bliss, Excell, Northstar (Northern Tool) and many other brand name gas pressure washer units.

Most Comet pumps are built in Italy and usually come with a 5 year limited warranty. They do have a good reputation for quality. But if your pump does fail or wear out, you can find out if you're within warranty period or if you must replace it on your own. And the good news is that Comet pressure washer pumps are designed for easy replacement.


LW, ZW, FW, HW, RW, SW and TW pump models have a 5 year warranty.

HPP pump models have a 3 year warranty.

ADX pump models have a 2 year warranty.

BXD, GXD, and VRX pump models have a 1 year warranty.

Click here if you'd like to read the official Comet pressure washer pump warranty policy.

comet pump pressure washer pump

Replacing Your Comet Pressure Washer Pump

As you probably know, if your power washer unit came equipped with a Comet pump, you should replace it with the exact same Comet brand pump. I don't recommend buying another brand of pump - or a generic "will fit" pump. With a generic "will fit" pump, you can save a dollar or two, but you take a risk of ruining your entire pressure washer engine.

Take a look at the model/part number of your Comet pump, which is usually stamped or printed on the side of the unit - as well as listed in your owners manual.

Next, determine if your Comet pump is an axial or triplex model.

Then check out the diameter of your shaft. You'll need an accurate measurement of the diameter - and you'll need to know if it's a solid or hollow shaft type.

Notice how your pump is bolted to your washer engine - count the number of bolts and take a look at the bolt pattern. 

It is critical that you match your existing pump PSI and GPM rating with any new Comet pump you're planning to use. Critical! You don't want to buy an underpowered replacement pump that will slow down your unit/reduce your PSI. And you also don't want to use an overpowered replacement pump that could burst your hoses or burn up your engine.

Following these tips will help ensure that you can easily & safely switch out your Comet pump pressure washer pump and start cleaning again!

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