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Best Tips for
Deck Pressure Washing 

Are you looking for some good deck pressure washing tips to make it look like new again? Or do you need to pressure wash before re-sealing your deck? Then this page is was written just for you!

deck pressure washing

We all know how dirt, dust, leaves, dead insects, bird droppings, etc., can make decks uninviting. So I share my expert advice for getting the job done right - in the least amount of time - so you can enjoy your outdoor deck.

Prep First

For an outside deck, you can use an electric or a gas pressure washer to do the job. You might find that you have to work a little bit slower with an electric unit (like a Karcher) than you would with a gas unit. But you can get excellent, pro results if you follow my tips.

First, you need to get all of your furniture and accessories off your deck surface. Put your grill, chairs, tables, etc. on your grass, driveway or someplace out of the way. Nothing slows down deck pressure washing faster than having to move objects every few feet, as you clean.

Next, make sure all of your electrical outlets, jacks and unmovable fixtures are completely sealed from water. Also, just to be careful, I always like to cover any nearby shrubs to make sure they don't get accidentially damaged.

Best Practices for Professional Results

It's always important to keep in mind that wood and laminates can be easily damaged by using too much water pressure - or putting the nozzle too close to the deck surface. Different materials, including different types of wood, have different hardness factors. And if you use too much pressure or put the nozzle too close to the surface, it can splinter, fray or "fur". And you don't want that to happen!

I highly recommend starting with the white nozzle. Change from your white nozzle to a more powerful nozzle (green, yellow or red) only IF you need to. (If your electric pressure washer only has an adjustable wand tip, turn it so that the water will come out in a wide stream pattern - not a pinpoint. You can adjust the wand tip to a tighter flow only IF you need it.)

Always begin power washing by holding the end of your spray wand at least 3 to 4 feet away from your dirty deck surface. As you see the results, while you wash, you can move the end of your spray wand closer - if you need to.

Here's a good, general guideline for cleaning decks:

If your pressure washer's PSI rating is 2,000 to 3,000 PSI, don't put your nozzle closer than 12" to 24" from the deck surface!

If you pressure washer's PSI rating is 3,000+ PSI, don't put your nozzle closer than 18" to 36" from the deck surface!

Personally, I think its a very good idea to start your deck pressure washing in an inconspicuous corner! A steady back-and-forth motion gives the best results. A little bit a practice gives a perfect finish!


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