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Will Pressure Washer Detergents Really Help Me Clean? 

YES! Detergents will greatly help you loosen and lift dirt, mud, stains, mold, mildew, etc., as well as reduce your actual pressure washing time. Pressure washing professionals have always known this and that's why they rely on economical pressure washer detergents.

And you can check out my #1 pressure washer detergent choice: Simple Green Pro Heavy Duty detergent on Amazon.

My Pick: Simple Green Pro Heavy Duty Detergent on Amazon

Pressure washing soaps can currently be found in POWDER form or LIQUID form. 

Powders are usually found in pre-packaged, dissolving pacs that you drop into your water tank or bucket. The pacs dissolve, allowing the compounds to mix with the water.

Liquids are usually available in gallon jugs or bottles and can be bought as PREMIXED or CONCENTRATED.

With premixed formulas, you can apply the soap directly to your dirty surface without first mixing with water.

Concentrated soaps should be mixed with water first, usually at a 10:1 dilution ration, before spraying on the dirty surface.

There are various soap formulas for specific cleaning applications: deck & fence, vehicle wash, exterior house & siding, concrete & driveway, etc. Choose the one that best suits your cleaning project.

And don't forget to use your black (soaper) nozzle! 

Also, there are a few new concentrated liquid soaps on the market that claim to be environmentally friendly and "safe to use around children, pets, plants, trees, etc." These non-toxic and biodegradable detergents work very well & I do recommend them.

Don't forget to let your chemical rest on the dirty surface for 5-10 minutes, before rinsing off! This will give the cleaning compound time to do its job - and you'll be much more satisified with the results.

As always, follow all the manufacturer's directions. And never, never use homemade cleaning recipes! You might end up ruining your equipment or the surface you're trying to clean.


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