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Should you use Ebay to buy a Pressure Washer? 

If you’re like me, you probably Ebay from time to time. It's fun and easy to use for buying collectables, etc. 

But if you’re considering buying your new pressure washer on Ebay, read these important tips to help save yourself time and money – and possible disappointments.

After spending many months monitoring their pressure washer offerings, I’ve noticed that a small portion of the electric and gas-powered washers models for sale are those unbelievably, incredibly cheap pressure washers. Yes, the prices are very tempting. Prices starting as low as $50!

But really, what are you getting with these pressure washers? Read the fine print and you’ll often discover that you’re buying a pressure washer with very, very low PSI and GPM, which will not give you a great amount of cleaning power.

Also, some models have no-name pressure washer engines  and pumps!
I recommend steering clear of pressure washers that do not have a brand name engine – or are advertised to have an engine “just like a Honda”. These cheaply made pressure washers are commonly called “one season wonders” and I think you’d be lucky to get one season out of them.

Keeping this in mind, if you do find a pressure washer on Ebay within your budget that has a good engine, a brand name pump, and acceptable PSI and GPM levels, that’s GREAT!

BUT, before bidding, first double check to see if it’s a used or reconditioned model. Despite the listing text that might say it’s a “new” pressure washer, you really should email the seller to confirm that the pressure washer is not a reconditioned model. 

Personally, I have nothing against a used or reconditioned pressure washer, but here are some issues you need to be aware of:  

Make sure the pressure washer is still covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty. This is very important! Email the seller to ask these questions – before bidding. The Ebay seller should be more than happy to share the history, model number &serial number of the washer with you. This way, you can confirm with the manufacturer that it’s still operating under warranty - and for how long.

Yes, Ebay can be a GREAT way to purchase a new pressure washer, but keep this advice in mind while shopping. There are bargains to be had on quality pressure washers, but the buyer must always be aware.

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