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An Extension Pole for Hard to Reach Places!  

Extension poles, or telescoping wands, are the perfect pressure washing accessory to buy if you need to clean high or difficult-to-reach places like porch ceilings, second or third stories, roofs, tops of RV's, etc.

And you can see my highly recommended pressure washer extension pole: the BE Pressure 24ft Extension Pole on Amazon.

With its 4 stage design, it extends to a maximum of 24 feet, handles up to 4,000 PSI, 200 Degrees F and 8 GPM!

And you can check Amazon's price on the BE Pressure Extension Pole.

They're also great to attach to a gutter cleaning tool to clean gutters, eaves& other high places. You'll never have to hire a service to clean your gutters!

Extension poles also attach to surface cleaners to allow you to easily clean very large, flat surfaces. Both horizontal or vertical.

And I would insist on a pole that reaches to 24ft. - the cheaper 9-12 ft. poles just aren't long enough! You'll want a pole that reaches up to 24 ft. - trust me.

These wands are available in either fiberglass, composite or aluminum materials which make them as strong and as light as possible, and they are equipped with a built-in spray gun.

Some commercial quality telescoping poles are also offered with a belt kit. A belt kit is helpful if you plan to tackle a demanding cleaning job that requires significant time holding an telescoping wand. Or if you have back, arm or shoulder troubles.

The belt will wrap around your waist, then hook onto the wand, as seen below, to help reduce your arm and back fatigue.

Remember that most extension wands only work within certain minimums and maximums for PSI, GPM, etc. So read the product specifications carefully to make sure it is compatible with your pressure washer!

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