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Pressure Washing FAQ's
and Troubleshooting Tips 

We all have questions when we shop for a pressure washer. And, if you’re like me, you have a whole new set of questions when you start to learn to use your new pressure washer.

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So I’ve put together this page to answer the most frequently asked questions from homeowners looking to buy a pressure washer AND the most frequent pressure washing troubleshooting and pump issues.



What size pressure washer do I need?

Homeowners should concentrate on purchasing a high quality unit that will effectively clean all their residential cleaning projects.

Generally, electric pressure washers are very popular with homeowners and clean small & medium-sized projects like car washing and outdoor furniture very well. For light duty cleaning jobs, an economical electric pressure washer is a popular choice.

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Homeowners purchase a gas powered pressure washers, which are generally more powerful than electric models, if they plan on cleaning larger projects like decks, large driveways, patios, vinyl siding, etc. Or if they have to tackle set-in stains like oil or grease. Or remove mold, mildew or paint.

My #1 best gas washer recommendation is the Generac 6596 washer that's available on Amazon.

Hands-down, it's my top all-around best gas washer choice. It has a quality Generac engine, an axial cam pump you can count on and it'll give you 2,800 PSI and 2.5 GPM. This Generac gas pressure washer has the kind of power that will easily tackle any home or yard cleaning project you have.

And this Generac 6596 also has Never Flat tires, which I love. No more flat tire hassles!

You can check Amazons price on this recommended Generac 6596 pressure washer.



What is PSI, GPM, and CPU? What do they mean?

These are three key ratings to determine the power and quality of a pressure washer. PSI stands for Pounds per Square Inch, GPM stands for Gallons Per Minute and CPU stands for Cleaning Power Unit. These important pressure washer ratings are the key to understanding pressure washers.

Should I rent a pressure washer, instead of buying one?


No. Not any more. It just doesn’t make sense, these days, to rent one.

Over the last ten+ years, the quality of pressure washer engines& pumps has greatly improved, while their prices have become much more competitive. You can purchase a high quality pressure washer, suited for homeowners, for about the same amount of money you’d spend to rent one for 5 or 6 hours!

Check out Are You Thinking About Renting A Pressure Washer? if you want a more detailed explanation.

What detergents can I use with my pressure washer?

Only detergents or chemicals that say they are especially formulated for use in pressure washers! Never, ever use homemade cleaning mixtures or recipes. See my explanation of pressure washing detergents for more information about the specific types of detergents that are available for homeowners.


Instead of using a garden hose, can I draw water from my pond or my holding tank?

No! Pressure washers marketed to homeowners need to be hooked up to a garden hose. Your pressure washer pump needs the steady flow of water that’s supplied by a garden hose, otherwise, the pump will be severely damaged or broken.

Also, contaminants in the water will probably clog and ruin your entire pressure washer.



Should I buy an electric or gas-powered pressure washer?

That’s a good question. And the answer depends on what you plan on cleaning, around your home, with your new pressure washer. To help you decide whether a gas-powered or electric pressure washer is better for you, I strongly encourage you to read Electric or Gas-Powered Pressure Washer Engine? to answer this question for yourself.


Can I use my gas-powered pressure washer indoors?

No! A gas-powered pressure washer emits toxic fumes and can never be used indoors. Gas-powered models are only suitable for outdoor cleaning use. For indoor pressure washing, you’ll need an electric pressure washer!

Which is better: a hot water or cold water pressure washer?

I strongly believe that you need a hot water pressure washer for very heavy-duty industrial and farm applications, but a cold water pressure washer is the very best choice for homeowners! Cold water pressure washers are the best choice for DIYers/homeowners because they’re more compact, easier to move, less complicated and less expensive.




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