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The best gas power washers will quickly & easily handle your outdoor cleaning jobs like washing decks, cars, RV's, ATV's, vinyl siding, patio's, grills, walkways, etc.

When I compare power, quality and price, I highly recommend the Generac 6922 on Amazon. It has 2,800 PSI, 2.4 GPM and a well-built axial cam pump.

Check Amazon's price on the Generac 6922.

Two Best Gas Power Washer Recommendations

This year, here are my two top picks for the Best Gas Power Washer:

The Simpson PS4240-S PowerShot is a great power washer with a bit more power than the Generac model (above).  I highly recommend it if you want more pressure/power to clean even faster. Or to even strip paint.

Here's why I recommend it:

The Simpson Powershot will give you a whopping 4200 PSI with 4.0 GPM. And it features the legendary Honda GX390 OHV commercial series engine that runs smoothly and efficiently.

The Simpson PS420-S PowerShot also has an AAA industrial triplex plunger pump with ceramic coated pistons. This pump is a workhorse!

I really, really like the high quality, steel braided hose that is non-marring and kink resistant! I despise cheap high pressure hoses (black ones) that leave black streaks on your cleaned surfaces - or constantly kink & slow you down!

Now let's talk about my other top gas power washer pick: the Generac 6922 on Amazon.

The Generac 6922 has a lot to recommend it. Its a newly designed gas power washer that features a Generac OHV engine with a horizontal shaft.

The Generac 6922 gas power washer is outfitted with a strong axial cam pump that will give you up to 2,800 PSI and 2.4 GPM.

I also like that this gas power washer is designed so that the pump sits well above the ground - basically at the same level of the Generac engine - which makes it easy to make hose connections.

I also really love the Never-Flat solid wheels! There's nothing worse than having to change your gas power washer tire when you're in the middle of a cleaning project. But the wheels on this Generac washer will never let you down.

This Generac gas power washer also comes with a 25ft high pressure hose, and 1/2 gallon on-board tank for detergent and 4 quick connect nozzle tips.

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