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Gas Pressure Washer Gauge

If you're wondering what a gas pressure washer gauge is, you've come to the right place. I'll share my expert information about what a pressure gauge is, and how to use it, so you'll be informed before you consider buying one.

First, let talk about what a pressure gauge does and how to use it:

gas pressure washer gauge

What a Gas Pressure Washer Gauge Does

A pressure gauge works as a safety and system monitoring device on gas pressure washers. Its allows you to see the level of pressure that your pump is providing to your water while you're cleaning. The pressure gauge should be installed on the head of your pump. (see pic below)

Working pressure on a power washer is measured by PSI or Pounds per Square Inch. And the more PSI your pump adds to the water, the more cleaning power you'll get.

So, some pressure washer users prefer to use a pressure gauge to monitor their pump and system performance, to make sure there are no pressure losses or spikes that can damage the pump. 

Testing Your Gas Pressure Washer Gauge & System

Here's my personal recommendation of best way to use your pressure gauge to test your system health & performance:  

First, turn on your pressure washer, after you check your pump oil level. Then, pull the trigger on your wand to start spraying and watch the needle on your pressure gauge. When you engage your wand trigger, the needle should quickly respond to the near maximum PSI your unit can produce. And the level should be evenly sustained while you spray.

Next, disengage your wand trigger to stop spraying and your pressure gauge needle should quickly back down.

Repeat this several times for a quick and excellent diagnosis of your overall system performance before starting a cleaning job!

My Tip:

Some of the most common reasons for loss of pressure or pressure spikes, besides pump failure, are:

1. worn out spray nozzles   2. leaking O-rings   3. hose leaks

Tips for Buying a
Pressure Gauge

gas pressure washer gauge

When you start shopping around for a pressure gauge, only consider a gage that shows maximum pressure levels of 10-20% above the maximum PSI that your pressure washer produces. Say, for instance, your power washer produces a maximum PSI of 3,000. Make sure you buy one that shows a maximum PSI of 3,500 so you'll have accurate PSI readings.  

Look for an easy-to-read gas pressure washer gauge face and I like the ones with a quick connector coupler. Quality gauges are stainless steel or solid brass with shatter proof face cases/lens.

If your big box store or local hardware store doesn't them, there are lots of places to buy them on the internet.

A gas pressure washer gauge is an inexpensive tool to help diagnosis system problems before your pump or engine becomes damaged!


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