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Gas Pressure Washer Pumps
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If you're searching for good information on gas pressure washer pumps because you're think about buying a new power washer - or you're having problems with your current pump - then this page was written for you!

I share my best tips to help you save time, money and avoid mistakes.

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Axial Cam vs Triplex 
Gas Pressure Washer Pumps

There are two types of gas pressure washers pumps on the market: Axial Cam and Triplex.

Axial cam pumps are the most popular type of pump found on pressure washers that are designed for homeowners. Axial cam pumps have larger bearings, and larger oil reserves, than the wobble pumps found on very inexpensive electric power washers. They produce great PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch) for light to heavy-duty cleaning jobs. And you can reasonably expect them to run 600-700 working hours before you need to repair or replace them --- as long as you maintain it properly, including regularly checking your oil level.

And, eventually, you can replace your worn out axial cam gas pressure washer pump with a new one. They are designed to be easily replaceable - without having to buy an entirely new pressure washer. 

Triplex Pumps are generally found on the highest quality and highest priced contractor-level pressure washers. They have a longer working life, but they have the highest price tags.

In my experience, unless you're a contractor, axial cam gas pressure washer pumps are the very best choice for a homeowner who wants excellent cleaning power -- and the best long term value.

Pump Repair or Replacement?

If you have an axial cam pump on your gas pressure washer, you know it's a well-built and hard working part of your unit. But, unfortunately, everything eventually wears out. Don't worry - you have two options: repair or replacement.

Generally speaking, count on budgeting at least 1-2 hour of labor, plus parts, for any repair job at your local engine or service shop. Be careful: pump repair can get expensive - so ALWAYS ask for a quote before authorizing any work. Important!

gas pressure washer pumps

After you get a quote for parts & labor for a repair job, compare that cost with the cost of just buying a new pump. Yes, axial cam pumps can easily be replaced. And often, they can be replaced by just removing a few bolts.  You can buy replacement pumps at your local store or on the internet. And there are a lot of cool Youtube videos that show you exactly how to replace your pump.

Just remember to match up your current pump PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch) and GPM (Gallons Per Minute) specs with the  replacement you buy. 

Have fun cleaning! 

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