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Gas Pressure Washers Buying Guide 

If you're thinking about shopping for gas pressure washers, I wrote this page to share my expert tips in order to save you time, effort and money - and help you choose the best unit for your own budget!

gas pressure washers

Best Cleaning Jobs

As you probably know, because gas pressure washers produce fumes from their engines, they can only be used for your outdoor cleaning jobs.

Gas pressure washers are more powerful than electric units and they can be used for just about any outdoor cleaning job you can think of: paint stripping, deck cleaning, car washing, clearing walkways, cleaning aluminum siding or brick walls, washing outdoor furniture, clearing patios, etc!

On average, they produce 2,200 to 4,200 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) while electric models usually only have 1,300 - 2,000 PSI. Because they are so much more powerful than electric units, they clean faster, with more thorough results.   

How to Choose the Best One for You & Your Budget

You can expect to spend anywhere from $250 to $650, and up, for a quality unit with a brand name engine. Yes, they're an investment.

So before you invest in one remember to keep these two key ratings in mind. These ratings will help you accurately compare models - like comparing oranges to oranges:

PSI or Pounds Per Square Inch is the pressure that the pump is able to create in the water stream. The higher the PSI rating - the stronger the stream of water -- increasing your cleaning power.

GPM or Gallons per Minute is the rating used to measure how fast the water flows within the pressure washer unit.. The higher the GPM rating -- the faster the water flows - giving you increased cleaning power. 

My final tip: when you're shopping around, always take a look at the engine and pump of every unit. Although they cost a few dollars more, brand name pumps & brand name engines are really built to last longer than no-name pumps and engines. And they give you better warranties. If your budget can afford it, it really is a better value in the long run to invest in a brand name engine or pump.


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