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New Gutter Cleaning Tool

Need to clean your gutters? The new gutter cleaning tool on the market for homeowners makes a very time-consuming, messy job a whole lot easier!

And you can check out my top gutter cleaner pick: the Powerfit Gutter Cleaner on Amazon.

These new pressure washer gutter cleaning tools work with an extension or telescoping wand. The extension wand will help you reach second story gutters and you won't need a ladder.

Remember, always stand on the ground while pressure washing! Never pressure wash while standing on a ladder. Very dangerous. 

The photo above shows the extension wand and gutter cleaner in action. 

I've seen rigid and flexible gutter tools, although I personally favor the rigid models. Either way, they work very well! 

These gutter tools are also excellent for spraying around corners or under low ledges too. And with this gutter cleaning tool, I'm finally able to clean eaves without getting my head soaked.

Before purchasing a gutter cleaner tool, check the maximum PSI and GPM specifications to make sure you'll be able to use it with your pressure washer.

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