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High Pressure Hoses for
Pressure Washers 

The high pressure hoses on pressure washers do wear out! So here are some important tips on what to look for when you're buying a replacement - to save you time & money: 

high pressure hoses

Checklist for Choosing 
The Right High Pressure Hoses

1. Look for quality materials like PVC, polyurethane or rubber. They must specifically marked as "high pressure" to make sure they've been designed to take the abuse of the pressurized water that will flow through it. (High pressure hoses are not the same as the garden hose that you use to hook up your pressure washer to your water source.)

2. Diameter is key!  Most consumer tubing is available in 1/4" or 3/8" diameters. The 1/4" diameter is the most popular and is used on many of the gas and electric washers homeowners buy. The 3/8" diameter tubing is largely used on heavier, commercial grade pressure washers that handle a larger water flow. Choose the same diameter replacement tubing as you originally got with your power washer.

3. Choose your length: 25ft, 50ft and 100ft are the most common lengths used by homeowners. Most consumers order a replacement hose with the same length as originally provided with their power washers. Personally, I think 50ft is the best all-around length. And remember, any length of 100ft or more may accidentally have the effect of lowering the force (PSI) of your spray because the water will have to move through much longer tubing. Something to consider.

4. Gas or Electric? High pressure hoses are specifically designed for either gas or electric power washers. Make sure you double-check to confirm that any hose you're considering matches up with your unit.

5. Hot or Cold? Also remember that hoses are generally designed to work with either hot or cold water. The overwhelming majority of power washers made for the consumer market use cold water. Hot water power washers are used in large, commercial operations. Just make sure that your hose temperature type matches your power washer water temperature.

6. PSI (Pound per Square Inch) must also be considered! Replacement hoses are marked with minimum and/or maximum PSI specs. It's very important to match your power washer PSI specs/ratings with the specs/ratings of replacement tubing. Don't even considering buying tubing that only has a rating of 2,200 PSI if your power washer produces 2,500 to 2,700 PSI! Make sure the specs match.


7. Tubing end fittings: it's also important to match the end fittings with the same type of fittings that came with your original tubing. The end fittings can be a threaded male, a threaded female or quick connect.  Remember, one end of the tubing attaches to your pump and the other hooks up to your spray gun.


MY TIP: I really like some of the new, lighter colored polyurethane high pressure hoses that don't mar! Unlike some of the older-style black rubber hoses that can mark flooring or concrete, these new ones come in colors -- and will not leave black marks as you clean! (A photo of one is show above.) I think its worth it to spend a few extra bucks to get a hose that keeps your surfaces clean.


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