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Home Depot Pressure Washer Buying Guide

If you're looking at a Home Depot pressure washer, follow my tips in this buying guide so you can get the best value for your money!

home depot pressure washer

Buy, Rent or Order a Home Depot Pressure Washer

With Home Depot, you have a lot of choices: you can choose to buy a new pressure washer at one of their stores, rent one from their Tool Rental Centers OR order one from their online store. Here are the pro's and con's - and prices - of each option:

home depot pressure washer

If you have a local Home Depot, its a good idea to go in and take a look at the pressure washers they have in-stock. Sometimes just holding a power washer unit and looking at its pump & specs can help you decide what you like & don't like between the different units.

They have electric pressure washers like Karcher units, that start at about $100 and go up from there. Their electric pressure washers are ideal for light cleaning jobs like windows, grills, cars, RV's, patio furniture, etc.

Home Depot stores also have gas pressure washers that start at about $229. The gas units they sell are well suited for heavier cleaning jobs like cleaning decks, patios, pools, siding, etc. And some units are powerful enough to strip paint.

Or, you could always rent a unit from the Tool Rental Centers at many of the Home Depot stores.  Many Home Depot stores have a Tool Rental Center that rents construction equipment and pressure washers. As of this writing, Home Depot rents the Mi-T-M brand gas power washers, and some locations rent other brands too.

Here's the rental rate for a Home Depot pressure washer: $50 for 4 hours - or $72 for a whole day for a 2000 PSI gas unit. And there's a $100 refundable security deposit for any rental.

Or you can go online and look at the large variety of electric & gas units they offer on their website. And, because they have so many units, online, there's almost always a sale price on several units.

Also, if you order online, you can usually qualify for their free shipping to your home - or you can have your new power washer sent to your nearest Home Depot store for pick-up. 

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