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Honda Pressure Washer Engines -
Worth the Price?  

Honda makes excellent quality pressure washer engines, in addition to the automobile, truck, jet and marine engines they manufacture.

Honda Motor Company, Ltd, is a multi-national corporation that's headquartered Japan. They're the 5th largest automobile manufacturer in the world, as well as the biggest engine manufacturer in the world.


Honda makes gas-powered pressure washer engines, not electric-powered engines. This means that pressure washers with Honda engines are intended for outdoor cleaning projects - not indoor. (The fumes from a gas engine make it dangerous to use indoors.)

You can easily spot Honda engines because of their bright red color and prominently featured "Honda" nameplate. See my photo on the left.

Please note that some inferior engine companies have begun producing engines in bright red paint too, in order to look like Honda engines, so make sure you see the unique Honda nameplate/logo on the outside of the engine.

Honda pressure washer engines are legendary. They offer high reliability, long life and excellent power. So, as you've probably noticed, you will pay a few more dollars for a pressure washer with a Honda engine. 

Is it worth it?

My personal opinion is that it's very much worth it to buy a quality pressure washer with a Honda engine. You'll get many more years of trouble-free use out of your pressure washer. And the Honda warranty is excellent. So in my opinion, that makes it a better value in the long run!

And don't forget that Honda offers some of the best warranty coverage in the industry. Depending on your Honda engine model, warranties range from 1 - 2 years.

And truthfully, I think it's worth investing in ANY pressure washer that features a quality, name-brand engine such as: Briggs & Stratton, Generac, Karcher, etc.

And I've recently noticed that the price of brand-name engines have come down due to the competition from the internet! This is great for all of us do-it-yourselfers!

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