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Pressure Washer Repair Guide

If you need Karcher pressure washer repair, I've written this page with you in mind!

Karcher provides different warranty's and repair instructions for their electric washers and gas pressure washers. So, let's talk about the electric units first - then the gas units:

First, is your ELECTRIC Karcher pressure washer still under warranty?

Karcher provides a one year limited warranty, from the date of purchase, on their electric pressure washers if you purchased from an authorized retailer. This warranty covers the pump, frame, electric motor and the casing of the pressure washer.

If you bought a refurbished, remanufactured or reconditioned electric unit from an authorized retailer, the warranty period is 30 days after the date of purchase.

I always hate to remind consumers of this, but Karcher does not honor any warranty if you bought your unit on Ebay -- or another auction site. Karcher does not consider Ebay, or other auction sites, as authorized retailers. The auction seller may provide their own warranty, which you should get in writing, but Karcher will not provide any coverage.

Also, the attachments on your pressure washer, (spray gun, wand, nozzles, high pressure hose, etc), have a warranty of 90 days from the date of purchase, if you bought from an authorized retailer.  

Is your GAS Karcher pressure washer still under warranty?

Karcher gas pressure washers have the same warranty coverage's and exclusions as the electric pressure washers, listed above, except that the gas engine warranty is covered by the engine manufacturer. If need Karcher pressure washer repair on your gas engine, you need to contact the engine manufacturer directly.

Over the years, Karcher gas washers have been outfitted with Honda, Briggs and Stratton, Kohler and Robin engines, but the majority I've seen have had Honda engines.  

And you can see my top recommended gas pressure washer: the Generac 6596 on Amazon.

How to Get
Karcher Pressure Washer Repair

Ok, so you've figured out that your pressure washer is still under warranty - now how do you get it fixed?

You'll first want to find the silver label that's located on the back side of your washer. It looks like this:

karcher pressure washer repair

The first red box contains your model number, the second red box contains your part number and the red box at the bottom contains your Karcher serial number.

Once you've located this info on your pressure washer, call Karcher at 800-537-4129 to talk to a customer care specialist.

Depending on your answers, the customer care specialist will do one of two things for your Karcher pressure washer repair request:

1. enroll you in the Rapid Exchange Program


2. directly you to one of their 1,300 authorized service centers in USA & Canada

The Karcher Rapid Exchange Program is a really great program that gives you a free and quick replacement of your electric pressure washer - without going to a service center for repairs. It really is a time-saving program. Unfortunately, the Rapid Exchange program is for electric pressure washers only. Not gas pressure washes.

If you have a gas powered Karcher pressure washer, you will be given the phone number of a local Karcher authorized repair center in your area.

What if My Pressure Washer is Out of Warranty?

If you have an electric or gas Karcher pressure washer that is broken, but is out of warranty, you have two options:

1. take it to a local engine/pump service center - or call Karcher to find an authorized service center near you. In either case, make sure you get a free, firm quote before agreeing to any work. In some cases, especially with the less inexpensive electric pressure washers, you might be better off buying a new unit - rather than costly repairs.

2. If you're handy or mechanically inclined, you could try and troubleshoot the problem yourself - and there are many websites now offering pressure washer parts for the DIY'er.

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