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Pressure Washer Repairs

Are you having problems & need more information about Karcher pressure washer repairs? I wrote this page to share some important tips about repair. Whether your Karcher pressure washer is new, under warranty or an older unit - my repair tips will save you time, money & hassles! 

karcher pressure washer repairs

Is you Karcher Pressure Washer New?

Did you buy your new Karcher pressure washer less than 30 days ago? 

It's very unlikely, but once in a while, a homeowner will need Karcher pressure washer repairs on a brand new unit. If this is your situation, your very first step should be to call the store (authorized retailer) where you bought your power washer. Most discount stores, hardware stores and big boxes offer a 30 day in-store warranty on defectives. Generally, they'll replace it or refund your money right away! Even reputable online stores usually have 30 day return/replacement policies too.

Did you buy your new Karcher power washer on Ebay or another online auction?

Unfortunately, I have to tell you that Karcher does not honor its own manufacturer warranty on pressure washer sold on Ebay or other online auction sites! I know, its unbelievable, but here's the information directly from the Karcher website:

"Please also be aware that Kärcher products purchased through online auction sites such as eBay, as well as products purchased from non-authorized resellers, do not carry a Kärcher warranty."

My personal opinion is that if you buy a new unit on Ebay, Karcher should honor its own warranty - but Karcher doesn't.

However, you might want to contact the auction seller - sometimes they offer their own 30 day refund/replacement policy for defective units.

How long is the
Karcher Warranty?

If you bought an electric or gas Karcher power washer from an authorized retailer, you have a one year limited warranty from the date you purchased it.

This one year limited warranty covers your pump, the frame and casing of your pressure washer. If you bought an electric washer, the electric motor is covered. But if you bought a gas washer, and have engine problems, you'll need to directly contact the manufacturer of your engine(Honda, Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, etc.)

And your Karcher attachments (wand, spray gun, nozzles, high pressure hose, etc.) have a limited warranty of 90 days, from the day your purchased it, from an authorized retailer. 

Also, Karcher's warranty states that if you bought a refurbished, remanufactured or reconditioned electric unit from an authorized retailer, the warranty period is 30 days after the date of purchase. 

Who to Contact for 
Karcher Pressure Washer Repairs 

Ok, so you've figured out that your pressure washer is still under warranty - now how do you get it fixed?

You'll first want to find the silver label that's located on the back side of your washer. It looks like this:

karcher pressure washer repair

The first red box contains your model number, the second red box contains your part number and the red box at the bottom contains your Karcher serial number.

Once you've located this info on your pressure washer, call Karcher at 800-537-4129 to talk to a customer care specialist.

Depending on your answers, the customer care specialist will do one of two things for your Karcher pressure washer repair request:

1. enroll you in the Rapid Exchange Program


2. directly you to one of their 1,300 authorized service centers in USA & Canada

The Karcher Rapid Exchange Program is a really great program that gives you a free and quick replacement of your electric pressure washer - without going to a service center for repairs. It really is a time-saving program. Unfortunately, the Rapid Exchange program is for electric pressure washers only. Not gas pressure washes.

What do you do if you're out of warranty?

karcher pressure washer repairs

If you need Karcher pressure washer repairs, but your unit is out of warranty, you have two options:

1. take it to a local engine/pump service center - or call Karcher to find an authorized service center near you. In either case, make sure you get a free, firm quote before agreeing to any work. In some cases, especially with the less inexpensive electric pressure washers, you might be better off buying a new unit - rather than costly repairs.

2. If you're handy or mechanically inclined, you could try and troubleshoot & fix the problem yourself - and there are many websites now offering pressure washer parts for the DIYer.

My advice: if your needed Karcher pressure washer repairs are out of warranty, you should really take a moment to think if it would be cheaper to buy a whole new unit before you invest in repairs. Pressure washer prices have dropped considerably in the last 5-10 years. And depending on the type of repair you need, it's often cheaper to just buy a new unit. But it you call, of course.



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