Karcher Pressure Washer 101

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Karcher, a German company, is the largest manufacturer of pressure washers in the world.

Founded in 1935, Karcher is still family owned and universally respected for the innovations & patents developed by their German engineers. Although Karcher makes both gas-powered and electric pressure washers, they’re most famous for the electric pressure washers that are incredibly popular with residential users.

Karcher electric pressure washers are easy to spot due to their distinctive enclosed-case design and bright yellow color.

Karcher also manufactures a line of pressure washer accessories such as turbo nozzles and extension wands under the DirtBlaster name.

Karcher electric pressure washers are favored by many homeowners for basic cleaning projects such as deck washing, cleaning outdoor furniture, washing cars, etc. Electric pressure washers excel at these types of small to medium cleaning jobs because they’re lightweight, easy to move and less expensive than gas-powered washers.

Since Karcher electric pressure washers get their power from an electrical outlet, their washers are quieter than the gas models – and they don’t emit any fumes. So you can use a Karcher electric pressure washer indoors too!

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