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Karcher Repair

If you're like millions of us, you know that Karcher pressure washers are a great cleaning tool to have around your house, yard and garage. But what do you do when you need Karcher repair?

Is your power washer less than 30 days old?

karcher repair

In the unlikely event that you're having problems with your Karcher power washer within 30 days of buying it, immediately contact the retailer you bought it from! Whether you bought it at a big box store, local hardware store or from an online retailer - you might qualify for an automatic replacement or money-back if they offer a 30 day warranty. Most brick-and-mortar retails stores (and some websites) offer some type of limited, in-store warranty for defective goods. It never hurts to ask - and one phone call could save you time & money.

Did you buy your Karcher unit, less than 30 days ago, from Ebay or another online auction? I'm sorry to say that Karcher does not honor their manufacturers warranty if you bought your power washer on Ebay or any online auction site. Unfortunately, Karcher does not recognize Ebay or other auctions as "authorized retailers or dealers" and they void the warranty coverage. Personally, I think that policy stinks.

Is your Karcher pressure washer older than 30 days?

If you need Karcher repair more than 30 days after you've purchased it, you'll need to get the repairs done under the Karcher manufacturers warranty.

Both electric and gas Karcher pressure washers have a one year limited manufacturers warranty coverage, from the date you bought it, as long as you purchased it from an authorized retailer. This coverage is for your pump, frame and casing of your power washer. If you have an electric Karcher unit, your electric motor is also covered.

(If you have a gas unit, and have problem with your engine, this is covered under the engine manufacturers warranty. And you'll have to contact the manufacturer of your engine: Honda, Briggs & Stratton, etc.)

And the Karcher repair warranty also covers your spray gun, wand, nozzles and high pressure hose for 90 days, too, as long as you bought it from an authorized retailer.  

Karcher Repair
Under Warranty

If your pressure washer is still under warranty - how do you get Karcher repair service?

First, find the Karcher silver label that's located on the back side of your washer. This is what it looks like:

karcher pressure washer repair

The first red box has your model number, the second red box has your part number and the red box at the bottom has your Karcher serial number.

Once you've located this info on your pressure washer, call Karcher at 800-537-4129 to talk to a customer care specialist.

Depending on your answers to their questions, the customer care specialist will do one of two things for your Karcher repair request:

1. enroll you in the Rapid Exchange Program


2. directly you to one of their 1,300 authorized service centers in USA & Canada

The Karcher Rapid Exchange Program is a really NEW great program that gives you a free & quick replacement of your electric pressure washer - without going to a service center for repairs. It really is a time-saving program! Unfortunately, the Rapid Exchange program is for electric pressure washers only. Not gas pressure washes.

If you have a gas powered Karcher pressure washer, you will be given the phone number of a local Karcher authorized repair center in your area.

Is Your Karcher Power Washer Out of Warranty?

karcher repair

If your Karcher unit is out of warranty, you really have to ask yourself if you want to invest in repairs - or just buy a new unit. Of course, its up to you. And you'll have to decide if the repair just involves something simple, like replacing the high pressure hose. Or if the Karcher repair involves something pricey like motor repair.

But since the prices of Karcher pressure washers have really dropped in the last 5 years, a lot of homeowners just replace them.  

If you want go ahead and make repairs to your gas or electric pressure washer, you have two options:

1. take it to a local engine/pump service center - or call Karcher to find an authorized service center near you. In either case, make sure you get a free, firm quote before agreeing to any work. In some cases, especially with the less inexpensive electric pressure washers, you might be better off buying a new unit - rather than costly repairs.

2. If you're handy or mechanically inclined, you could try and troubleshoot the problem yourself - and there are many websites now offering pressure washer parts for the DIY'er.



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