Local Pressure Washer Repair Centers

Do you need to find a local pressure washer repair center? Here's a handy list of local authorized service centers that will help you get your unit up & running!

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Most of us bought our pressure washers at a local hardware store, big box home improvement store or on the internet. And as you know, its highly unlikely that any of your local retail stores has a in-house service department for repairing your pressure washer.

So, if you've run out of the 30 or 60 day in-store warranty/return period, and you're having pump or engine trouble with your pressure washer, you'll want to contact a local pressure washer repair shop.

If your pressure washer is still under the manufacturers warranty, which is usually much longer than the retail store warranty/return policy, there's a good chance the repairs will be covered by the manufacturer as long as you take it to an authorized service center.

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Pressure Washer Repair

First, before you contact your local pressure washer repair shop, you'll need the model number, serial number and possible date code for your pressure washer unit!

You'll find this information in your owners manual or on the name plate on your pressure washer. (A name plate is usually a 2 or 3" silver plate or sticker that's near the pressure washer engine.)

If your owners manual or name plate doesn't give you an 800# to call for an authorized service/repair center, the following manufacturers service links will help you. Just click on the brand name link, below, and you'll see their authorized service centers listed.

Find Your Local Pressure Washer Repair Center

Honda Service Centers/Dealers

Replacement Pump for Honda Pressure Washers

Briggs & Stratton and PowerBoss Service Centers

Subaru/Robin Service Centers

Kohler Engine Service Centers

Campbell Hausfeld Service Centers

Karcher Service Centers

Coleman Powermate Service Centers

MTM Warranty & Service Centers

Generac Service Centers

BE Pressure Service Centers

Black & Decker Service & Repair Centers

Dewalt Service Centers

Powermate Service Centers

Honda Pressure Washer Repair

pressure washer repair

If you've got a Honda pressure washer engine, you know they're legendary for quality & durability. But, eventually all Honda engines need repair or troubleshooting. Then you'll definitely want to go to a legitimate local Honda dealer or Honda pressure washer repair center near your to get it serviced.

So I wanted to include a handy list of links to Honda pressure washer repair manuals and service centers on the Honda website:

Parts & Owners Manuals for Honda Pressure Washers

Finding the Serial Number on Your Honda Engine

Honda Parts & Service Support Start Page

Honda Dealer Lookup

List of Brands Powered by Honda Engines

Storing your Honda Pressure Washer

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I hope my list has been helpful for you! If you're having pressure washer pump problems, you might want to check out my pressure washer pump repair page for some tips on repairing or replacing a pump.

Pressure Washer Repair Video

I wanted to share this short video on general pressure washer repair projects to show you how they're done:

Once you see, on video, the most basic pressure washer repair steps, you'll have more confidence doing the repairs yourself!


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