Easily Clean an Outdoor Kitchen and Grill with a Pressure Washer

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A pressure washer is the perfect homeowner tool for quickly and effectively cleaning outdoor kitchens and grills!

For years, restaurants have been using pressure washers to clean their kitchen appliances & grills, and to remove grease, stains and dust from their commerical hoods & kitchen exhaust equipment.

Now homeowners can use their own pressure washer to get complete, pro-style cleaning on their outdoor grills & kitchens. Here are some cleaning tips to keep in mind: Generally, outdoor kitchens and grills are constructed from tough, yet beautiful materials like stainless steel, granite, brick, etc.

But pressure washer's are extremely powerful, so you'll always want to start cleaning with the widest spray nozzle or tip , which is the white tip (40 degree fan). I've always used the white tip on this type of cleaning project, with great results, and I don't recommend moving up to a more powerful tip.

If you're considering cleaning your deck, fence or another exterior wood surface, you should read the important cleaning tips on the deck and wood cleaning page.

Before you begin cleaning your outdoor kitchen, take a moment to cover any exposed electrical outlets, delicate lighting fixtures or accessories.

outdoor grill cleaning If you have a greasy build-up on your outdoor kitchen or grill consider using a degreasing detergent. The degreasing detergent should be sprayed on, and allowed pre-treat the greasy area for a few minutes, before spraying off. Degreasing detergents really do work very well and are worth the extra step.

After washing your outdoor kitchen or grill, I recommend wiping up any excess moisture with a lint-free micofiber towel. After cleaning, you might find small residual puddles of water on your granite, stainless steel or tiles. A microfiber towel will soak up this excess water & allow you to shine the surface too. Doing this extra step gives your outdoor surfaces a brilliant finish.

TIP: When cleaning stainless steel surfaces, remember to rub in the direction of the grain finish lines, for a better finish!

My Recommendation: I always advise using earth-friendly, biodegradable detergents when you pressure washer around your home. There are several brands on the market, they do a very good job and they are safer to use around your home.

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