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Best Power Washer Pump Repair Tips

If you're having problems with your pump, I wrote this power washer pump repair page just for you!  When you have pump failure or problems, you want to get it fixed asap. 

You can check out my #1 best replacement pump choice: the Generac universal pump that works with ALL pressure washer brands and is aviailable on Amazon!

And here are my maintenance and replacement tips.

The best thing you can do to prevent trouble or break-downs is to always keep on top of pressure washer pump maintenance. 

pressure washer repair

If you consistently check your pump oil level and change it on schedule, according to your owners manual, you will go a long way to avoid breakdowns. Routinely checking the level is a very big deal!

Getting Your Power Washer Pump Repair

Do you need power washer pump repair and think you're covered under the manufacturers warranty? Then your first step is to look for the name plate affixed to your pressure washer. The pressure washer name plate is usually a 2-3" silver plate or sticker, near the engine, that lists your model number, serial number, date code and 800 service number.

If you're like me, and most other power washer owners, you bought your unit from a store or website that doesn't have an in-house service department. So, unless you've bought your unit in the last 30 or 60 days, and it's still covered under the stores return policy, you'll need to find an authorized service center for your power washer pump repair.

Then you can call the 800 number on your name plate to find an authorized service center for pump repair  -- or get a replacement from the manufacturer. You'll need to read off the information on your name plate & describe the problem you're having, and you'll receive instructions from the call center.  Each pressure washer manufacturer has a different warranty, service and return policy.

Even if your pressure washer pump is not under warranty, the information on your name plate is critical to helping you find an online source for any pressure washer parts you might need.

My important tip: if your power washer is outfitted with a wobble pump, repairing it is not an option. Unfortunately, wobble pumps are not designed to be replaced. Wobble pumps are generally send on economical, electric pressure washers designed for homeowners.  Read more about wobble pumps - and the three main types of power washer pumps here.

Power Washer Pump Repair

How do you decide between power washer pump repair or replacement? Are you handy and think you might buy pump parts online -  and do the repairs yourself? Or are you wondering if it's just easier or cheaper to replace the entire pump assembly? Excellent questionsRead important tips in my Pump Repair or Replacement? section to decide!



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