Choose the Best Power Washer Pump

Since your power washer pump is so important to getting effective cleaning, I've reviewed the types available on the market - and what you need to know if you need to replace it. To save you time & money!

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Three Power Washer Pump Types

As you may already know, there are three types of pumps being offered:  Wobble, Axial and Triplex. Let's review each type and I'll give you important tips on pump replacement too.

Wobble pumps are nearly always used on the most common type of electric pressure washers on the market. You'll often see wobble pumps on many of the Karcher units.

Wobble pumps are much cheaper to build but they are not replaceable. That is, if your wobble pump breaks down, you have to replace your whole washer unit. You can't switch it out.  Sorry. This type of pump is generally built to last about 300 working hours.

Axial cam is the next most common type of power washer pump on the market. Axial cam pumps are more powerful and durable than wobble pumps. You'll find these pumps on the more expensive gas or electric pressure washers designed for homeowners. And some contractors do use units with an axial cam pump.

They feature larger bearings, stronger components and larger oil tanks so that they can run harder & longer. Generally speaking, axial cam pumps will run about 600-700 hours before needing repairs or replacement. And, yes, axial cam pumps can be replaced!

The least common power washer pump type, for homeowners, is the triplex. You'll find the triplex pumps on contractor-grade power washers. These heavier contractor pressure washers are many times more expensive than the models usually sold to homeowners.

Yes, triplex pumps can be replaced, but they usually start at about $250- $350. And I should mention that there are times when rebuilding a triplex can be an option - instead of replacing it.

Which Power Washer Pump Should You Choose?

You can choose your perfect pump by thinking about how you want to use your pressure washer.

Do you want to do occasional cleaning around your house? Cleaning driveways, walkways, cars, decks, etc? Do you expect to use your power washer less than a dozen times each year? You might want to consider getting a unit with a wobble auger. You'll be able to choose a very economical unit that is perfect for light & occasional cleaning for most homeowner applications.

Or, are you somewhat obsessed with power washing? Do you think you'll be using it nearly every week?  Do you imagine that you'll want to strip paint or finishes from surfaces? Do you want a unit that will last for many years? Then you should think about investing in a power washer with an axial cam pump. 

Are you thinking about starting your own pressure washing business? Then you really need to get a contractor grade pressure washer that has a triplex pump. If you're a pressure washing contractor you don't want to lose time & money if your equipment isn't working -- so you need a heavy duty pressure washer pump that you can rely on.

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