Is There Anything Special About the High Pressure Hose on My Pressure Washer?

YES! A pressure hose is specifically designed to carry the powerful, pressurized water from your pump --- up to your spray gun & wand.

Your high pressure hose is NOT the same as a garden hose! High pressure hoses for pressure washers are generally constructed of rubber with steel-braided reinforcement to withstand the wear & tear of the rushing water.

I highly recommend the Apache replacement pressure washer hose on Amazon. I appreciate that this Apache 50ft hose is scuff and mark resistant! I hate leaving nasty marks when I clean.

This Apache replacement hose works perfectly with up to 3,700 PSI.

And you can check Amazon's price on the Apache replacement pressure washer hose.

Instead of the usual, standard black color, some high pressure hoses are now made of light colored rubber, or are coated with light colored plastic, in order to make them mar-proof.

A high pressure hose is usually included with new pressure washers - in a 50 ft. length.

Most high pressure hoses for pressure washers are equipped with 3/8" fittings and designed to work within certain minimums and maximums for PSI and temperature.

My recommendation on replacing a high pressure hose: If you find you need to replace your high pressure hose, choose a 50 ft length. Or no more than 100 ft.

Why? Some manufacturers would LOVE to sell you a more expensive 150 ft. to 300 ft. hose and will tell you that a longer high pressure hose is better because you won't need to move your washer as often.

But they DON'T tell you that this longer hose can dramatically cut your PSI - and your cleaning power!

How? By making the pressurized water travel through a 150 ft hose, rather than a 50ft or 100ft hose, the water looses its force. The farther the water has to run along a hose, before being forced out of the nozzle, the less power it retains. Simple physics.

Just stick to a 50 or 150 ft. hose and move your washer as necessary. You'll actually save time in the long run!

For hard to reach places, like roofs, just purchase an extension wand!

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