Review of the Best Pressure Washer Attachments & Parts

Here's a review of the most effective and popular pressure washer parts and attachments for homeowners and DIYers. A small investment in one of these pressure washer accessories will save you time, money and energy --- while giving you greatly improved cleaning results.

Until a few years ago, there were very few pressure washing accessories available to the homeowner. Now, pressure washers sold to homeowners represent a 2+ billion dollar industry and manufacturers now offer a great array of accessories, parts and supplies to help you get your cleaning job done. 

The new pressure washer rotary nozzles on the market produce an intense, circular spray pattern, with a rotating motion, to help clean more effectively and really speed up cleaning!  They produce a powerful spray, with a high PSI, so you can easily blast through tough stains or dirt like grease stains, mold, mildew, etc.

And you can see my #1 recommendation for a rotary nozzle: the Briggs & Stratton Quick Connect Nozzle on Amazon.

And don't forget, using a pressure washer detergent is an easy and cheap solution to get deeper & faster cleaning. That's why all the pros use detergents - they rely on the fast and effective results you get when you use a detergent or soap. 

And you can check out my #1 pressure washer detergent choice: Simple Green Pro Heavy Duty detergent on Amazon.

My Pick: Simple Green Pro Heavy Duty Detergent on Amazon

Water Brooms

Water brooms are best suited for quickly cleaning large, flat surfaces like driveways, walkways, patios, pool bottoms, lots, etc. You'll have to make less passes, because of their wide cleaning width, which will save you time. 

And you can see my #1 recommended water broom: the BE Pressure 85.400.061 Water Broom on Amazon!

It has a 1/4" quick connect plug, made of steel and is a generous 16" wide so you can do less passes.

You can check Amazon's price on the BE Pressure Water Broom.

Now you can easily clean hard to reach places by using an extension pole! You can reach 2nd stories, roofs, gutters and more.

And you can see my highly recommended pressure washer extension pole: the BE Pressure 24ft Extension Pole on Amazon.

With its 4 stage design, it extends to a maximum of 24 feet, handles up to 4,000 PSI, 200 Degrees F and 8 GPM!

And you can check Amazon's price on the BE Pressure Extension Pole.

And please, never pressure wash while on a ladder - use an extension pole and keep your feet safely on the ground

rotary brush pressure wash

A ROTATING BRUSH provides scrubbing action while you use your detergent! Especially good for washing cars, RV's, vans, etc.

surface cleaner pressure washer

FLAT SURFACE CLEANERS can be used to clean large horiztonal AND vertical surfaces such as driveways, walls, patios, tennis courts, and more! Read more about flat surface cleaners and find out where to buy them at 50% less.

pressure washer wheel

A pressure washer wheel? Yes, when your pressure washer tire bursts, dry-rots or is punctured, you need to get a replacement quick, to get your pressure washer moving again. My REPLACEMENT TIRE PAGE shares my own source for this hard-to-find, but critical, replacement part!

pressure washer spray guns

The spray gun is one of most frequently purchased replacment parts that homeowners buy! My SPRAY GUN page explains why they need to be replaced so often and what you need to look for.

pressure washer nozzle

Learn how to match the right color nozzle to your specific cleaning job on the SPRAY NOZZLE page. And find out where to go if you need to replace them.

pump oil

Remember, you need to change your pump oil often, using specially formulated pressure washer pump oil. The Changing Your Pump Oil page offers good advice for any homeowner.


O-RINGS are the tiny rubber gaskets that keep your pressure washer connections water tight and working efficently.

pressure washer hose reel

HOSE REELS protect your high pressure hoses & make pressure washing easier - but here's what you need to know before you buy one.

Local Pressure Washer Repair and Service Centers

Professional Cleaning Tips to Save You Time & Money

Pressure Washer Pump 101

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