Review of the Best Pressure Washer Attachments

telescoping pole or extension wand for pressure washing

Pressure washer sales to homeowners and DIYers are booming and there are many more pressure washer attachments now available to help with just about any cleaning job you might have.

Whether you have a gas powered or electric pressure washer, these handy attachments have proven to clean more effectively, while also speed up the cleaning process. And that means less water, time & energy used!

Here's a review of the top rated attachments purchased by homeowners - just click on to a photo or the highlighted words to learn more about how it works, etc.:

water broom for pressure washers

A water broom is a great attachment to help you clean large areas, like driveways, pools, tennis courts, patios, etc., very quickly.

rotary or turbo nozzle for pressure washing

A rotary or turbo nozzle has a spinning head that gives the pressurized water a highly effective "scrubbing action" on dirty surfaces. A very popular item!

flat surface cleaner for pressure washer

A flat surface cleaner is a highly versatile attachment that can be used to clean both flat horizontal or vertical surfaces!

telescoping or extension pole for pressure washing

An extension or telescoping pole is perfect for pressure washing hard to reach places like roofs, tops of RV's, gutters, etc.

gutter cleaner for pressure washer

A gutter cleaning tool cleans clogged gutters perfectly and you won't have to hire a pro to do the job!

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