Pressure Washer Cleaning Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Pressure Washer!

I wanted to share some important professional pressure washer cleaning tips for the most common projects faced by homeowners/DIYers.

Just click on the name of your cleaning job to review my handy advice and tips. Get the most out of your equipment purchase!

pressure washer gutter cleaner

I promise you'll be able to clean faster, cheaper - and more thoroughly - by following these pro-style guidelines and advice.

whirl a way surface cleaner with pressure washer

Please note: before you even start your pressure washer engine, make sure you're wearing protective goggles! I can't stress this enough. Keep safety issues in mind.

Washing a Deck or Fence is by far the most popular pressure washer job for homeowners and I've included some great tricks on this page.

Another ideal pressure washing job is cleaning any Brick Patios and Walkways around your house and yard.

Do you have Brick and Mortar Walls? Here are some do's and don't to save you time and money when pressure washing.

And you can remove all types of stains or dirt from Concrete with your power washer.

Do you have an Asphalt driveway or area that needs to be cleaned? I've offered some advice on removing stains, etc.

I've also discovered that my pressure washer does an AWESOME job cleaning grease off my outdoor grill, especially with the help of a Degreasing Detergent.

And don't forget that there are many new & exciting pressure washer Accessories and Tools on the market now, which make pressure washing more efficient and easier for us homeowners! backpack sprayer

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