The Most Popular Pressure Washer Engine Manufacturers

engine for pressure washer

I've compiled a handy & complete list of the brand-name engines, (Honda, Generac, etc.), most commonly equipped on pressure washers that are ideally suited for the homeowner/DYIer.

If you'd like more specific information about any of these pressure washer engine & brands, listed at the bottom of this page, just click on the name to be connected to their homepage!

Unsure about whether you need a gas or electric engine? Please read Choosing a Electric or Gas-Powered Pressure Washer for important buying information.

Having an engine problem? Don't forget that your owner's manual is an invaluable source of troubleshooting/maintenance information!

IF you need to get your pressure washer repaired, please check out my handy list of warranty and repair centers to find the one that's located closest to you.

Please remember to have your owner's manual and serial number available when you contact these service centers:


Briggs and Stratton


Subaru and Robin



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