A Pressure Washer Hose Reel: What to Look For!

pressure washer hose reel photo

Pressure washer hose reels really help your hoses last longer, take up less space than a loose, unorganized nest of hose, and can save you a lot of time & frustration when you need to roll-up or roll-out your hose.

There are pressure washer hose reels that are designed to move independently of your pressure washer and there are reels made to mount on a wall, bench, truck or directly to your pressure washer frame. Personally, I think the hose reels that attach to the pressure washer frame are the handiest.

Without a doubt, I recommend investing in a quality steel pressure washer hose reel. Stores or websites try to push flimsy molded plastic hose reels to homeowners and DIYers, but they never really work right, don’t hold up & I think they’re a complete waste of money. Stainless steel hose reels are also available, for a premium price. The steel hose reels with powder coat finishes really have a long working life and I think they’re the best value on the market.
You can buy hose reels in many sizes that accommodate 50ft to 300ft+, depending on the length of your high pressure hose. And some hose reels have limitations for PSI and GPM, so check to make sure the hose reel works with your specific pressure washer model.

My Recommendation: I always recommend using a high pressure hose of 50 ft., and not longer than 100 ft, in order to ensure good PSI coming from the spray nozzle or tip. The more PSI coming from the nozzle gives you the best cleaning power.

One Last Tip: depending on where you want to mount your pressure washer reel, double check to see if you need to order a mounting kit too. Some hose reel vendors don’t make this clear!

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