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Pressure Washer Hoses 101

One of the most asked about replacement parts are pressure washer hoses.

Even though the hose is not a moving part, fast & powerful water moves through it, causing it to wear out. If you have your pressure washer for a few years, sooner or later, this hose needs to be replaced. And here's some tips on buying the best replacement hose in order to save you time, money & effort:


power washer hose

Pressure washer hoses are not the same as the garden hose that you have hooked up to the intake valve of your power washer!

They are made of PVC, polyurethane or rubber. And they're specifically designed to withstand the constant beating of the very powerful water flowing through it. 

You'll find that the most reasonably priced hoses are constructed of PVC and they are perfectly suited for most homeowners.

The traditional black rubber hoses on the market have a heavier construction, but I really don't like the way they can leave black marks on horizontal surfaces. My thought is this: why spend time power washing if you're left with nasty looking black marks?

´╗┐That's why I prefer the new, lighter colored power washer hoses that don't mar! They're very flexible and I've seen them in blue, beige, gray and yellow. They cost a few more dollars, but I think they're definitely worth the investment.  See the photo above.

Also, I like the newer style hoses that have the "bend hose-end" protectors at each end, as shown in the photo above. These bend hose-end protectors keep your tubing straight and they really help prevent kinks.

Diameters of Pressure Washer Hoses

By far, the 1/4" diameter tubing is the most common because it's the size used on the most popular electric and gas pressure washers designed for homeowners. 

The larger 3/8" diameter tubing is used on the higher end homeowner & commercial gas power washers and are built to tolerate higher PSI and a larger gallon per minute water flow.

MY IMPORTANT TIP: always, always match your existing diameter and the PSI specs with the new replacement you're considering. If your unit has a PSI rating of 3500 to 4000, don't buy tubing that only rates up to 2700 PSI! And if you unit came with 3/8" tubing, replace it with the exact same diameter.



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