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Best Pressure Washer Nozzles

Color-coded pressure washer nozzles are usually included with all gas pressure washers - and some electric units too. They are color coded so you can match the right nozzle to each type of cleaning project - without damaging surfaces. 

I'll show you how to match the right color nozzle to your cleaning project - to save you time & avoid damage.

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What the Nozzle Colors Mean

The incredible cleaning ability of pressure washers comes from the highly pressurized water that flows from the pump and is pushed through your nozzle or spray tip. The powerful water cleans or strips as it hits the surface that you aim for. So choosing the right color spray tip is very important!

Every nozzle color indicates the degree of the angle, or the size of the spray fan, of the water.

The wider the angle or spray fan, the less cleaning power. But the smaller the degree or spray fan, the more intense the power.

Here's information on each color:

White - gives you a 40 degree spray angle and it's great for general washing projects that have more sensitive surfaces like: siding, stucco, antique bricks, etc. 

And you can see my top pressure washer nozzle recommendation: the SmartPainter nozzle set on Amazon.

Green - is a 25 degree spray angle and a green nozzle is not always included with a new power washer unit. A green spray tip is slightly more powerful than a white one and is used for general cleaning like cleaning decks, walkway, patios and outdoor furniture.

Yellow - provides a 15 degree spray angle which is very powerful. It's much more powerful than the white and green tips. You should only use this tip if you need more powerful cleaning than the white or green tip can offer. If you have a tough job like a stained garage floor or oil stains, the yellow tip is a good choice. And yellow pressure washer nozzles can also be used for paint stripping.

Red - this is the 0 degree spray tip which is extremely powerful! Seriously, red pressure washer nozzles can very easily gouge wood, cement, asphalt, etc. Remember to always experiment with the cleaning power of the white, green and yellow spray tips before even thinking about switching to red. 

Black - this is a low pressure nozzle that has a 65 degree pattern that's used for soap or chemical injection. If you want to apply detergents or chemicals to a surface, this is the spray tip you need. After you apply the soap or chemicals with the more gentle black tip, change to a white, green, yellow or red tip, to start deep cleaning.

Replacement Nozzles

Eventually, quick connect pressure washer nozzles wear out. Or get lost. But replacing them is fairly easy. You can usually find them at your local hardware store. Or at your big box store. And don't forget that there are lots of online stores that sell all type of pressure washer parts - including replacement nozzles.


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