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Pressure Washer Pump Oil 101

Do you have any questions about pressure washer pump oil? Let's talk about why pump oil is important, how often you should change it and what you need to know when you're buying some. I'll share my pro tips to help you save time, money & protect your pressure washer pump.

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Why You Need Pressure Washer Pump Oil

You need pressure washer pump oil to protect the investment you made when you bought your gas pressure washer with your hard earned dollars.

Making sure you have good lubrication in your gas pressure washer pump, with the right level of clean pump oil, is simply the easiest and cheapest preventative maintenance you can do to keep from damaging your pump & engine.

And you can see the pressure washer pump oil that I highly recommend: Briggs and Stratton pump oil on Amazon.

How Often Should You Change your Pressure Washer Pump Oil?

Do you have a brand new pressure washer? Then take a look at your owners manual - it'll tell you when you should do your first oil change.

Generally speaking, power washer manufacturers will tell you to change it after the first 15-20 hours of use - or after 3 months - whichever comes first. (I should mention that there are a few pump types on the market that do not need oil changes, so that's why you always need to refer to your owners manual.) 

Personally, after your first oil change, I recommend changing it about every 50 working hours. Or at least once a year, if you don't use your unit often. 

gas pressure washer pump oil

Don't forget: you should check your oil level before you start up your washer. Everytime. Your unit will have a window (sight glass) on the side which allows you to see the level. Or, if you don't have a window, you'll have a dip stick.

Lookfor the red dot or two parallel lines, on your oil pump window. Your level should be up to the red dot or between the parallel lines. Never overfill your above the red dot or parallel lines or your dipstick guide.

Also, if you store your pressure washer in an unheated shed or garage, during the winter, you'll want to change your oil before you start it up in the spring. And if it ever looks milky - change it immediately!

Buying Pump Oil

Never, ever use regular engine oil! There's no faster way to ruin your pump and waste your hard earned money.

Make sure that you only use lubricant that's specifically formulated for gas pressure washers. Choose one that's non-detergent (non-foaming) and that has anti-rust and anti-oxidation inhibitors.

But if you have one of the few units that don't have an sight glass (window) on the side of the pump, or dipstick, you'll need to buy the pre-measured bottles that's specified for your brand. See your owners manual for more information.


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