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 Pressure Washer Pump Repair

Thinking about doing pressure washer pump repair or replacement?

Pumps are at the top of the list as the source of the most common pressure washer problems. Although pressure washer pumps are designed for hard work, there are some common, and often preventable reasons, why pressure washer pumps fail so often.

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You'd be surprised at how many pressure washer pumps are damaged because the pressure washer is drawing in dirty or insufficient water. Operators must always make sure that the filter screens, especially next to the intake valve, are clean before they start their washer. If the filters are clogged with dirt, leaves, etc., water flow will diminish or stop. And that will burn up any pump. 

Also, you always need to check to make sure your garden hose is not kinked - the loss of water flow going into your pressure washing unit will cause the pump to fail.  

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And don't forget, it's a must to check your pump oil level before each use. And it's worth mentioning that you need to change the pump oil as often as recommended in your owners manual. 

These are all good preventative tips, but what do you do if you already have a pump that's not working? Read on.....


Pressure Washer Pump Repair or Replacement?

pressure washer pump repair

Now matter how careful you are, a pump will eventually wear out or breakdown. Click here for my Review of the Best Replacement Pumps on the market, to save you time & money.

If you have the most common type of consumer pressure washer on the market, which has a wobble pump, unfortunately, you'll have to replace your entire pressure washer. Many popular, bargain priced pressure washers have wobble pumps. Wobble pumps are not designed to be replaced. A completely new pressure washer is your only option. 

But, if you have an axial cam pump on your pressure washer, pump repair or replacement is definitely an option. And from everything I've seen, the large majority of these pressure washer pump repair jobs involve at least 2 hours of labor, plus parts. Yeah, axial cam pump repair at a local engine or service shop can get expensive. 

If you're really mechanically inclined and you have a few extra hours, you might be one of the lucky ones who can do your own power washer pump repair.  I'm jealous. Really. There are a lot of pressure washer parts websites online to help you find the right parts. Just remember to match up your pump specs for PSI, GPM, etc., with the correct pump replacement parts specifications!

But for the rest of us, power washer axial cam pump repair is not something we can tackle. 

Personally, I think the best choice for most consumers is to simply replace the broken axial cam pump. It may sound like a big project, but it's really very easy. And you'll save a lot of money.

Seriously, most pressure washer axial cam pumps can easily be removed by just unbolting them. That's it! I have a Comet pump on my Honda gas powered pressure washer & I only have to remove four small bolts to remove the entire pump assembly from the frame. Then it’s only a matter of bolting on the new replacement pump.  

First, match the new pressure pump  - and specs - closely with the existing pump on your washer. Then get out your wrench and unbolt the old pump. Then take your replacement pump, match up the mounting holes to the frame and tighten.

Yes, you CAN replace the axial cam pump yourself and you'll give new life to your pressure washer! And you'll save money by doing it yourself. 

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