Pressure Washer Pump Replacement

As you probably already know, the pump is the heart of your pressure washer. With normal maintenance, including changing the oil, brand name pressure washer pumps should give you years of dependable service.

And you can check out my #1 replacement pump choice: the Generac Universal pump on Amazon.

Unfortunately, though, pumps will eventually wear out or breakdown. Since pump repairs usually involve at least a few hours of shop labor, including the cost of various replacement parts, pump repair is expensive. 

But, replacing your entire pressure washer pump is incredibly cheap & easy. You can expect to spend about $100 or less for a quality replacement pump - and it can usually be installed by removing 3 or 4 bolts!

You can see my top axial pump recommendation for pressure washers: the Generac universal pump on Amazon that works with all washer brands.

This Generac replacement pump will work with up to 3,000 PSI on all gas pressure washers engine brands that have a 3/4" shaft. Also, this Generac axial pump comes pre-filled and sealed with oil to last the entire life of the pump! No need for you to mess around with oil maintenance.

And you can check Amazon's price on my recommended Generac universal replacement pump.

If you’re not convinced that your pressure washer pump is really shot, you might want to check your owner’s manual for more information about pump troubleshooting. You might just need some quick troubleshooting advice to get your unit up & running again.

For most homeowners, like myself, DIY pressure washer pump repair and replacement parts selection is not an exciting prospect. Unless you're really mechanically inclined, and have the right tools, repairing a pressure washer pump is not a great option for most of us.

Personally, I think the best choice, for homeowners,when dealing with a broken pump, is to simply replace the pump! Pressure washer pump replacement sounds daunting, but it’s actually very, very easy.

Seriously, most axial cam pressure washer pumps can easily be removed by only unbolting it. That's it! I have a Comet pump on my Honda gas powered pressure washer & I only have to remove four small bolts to remove the entire pump. Then it’s only a matter of bolting on the new replacement pump.

My theory is that since most brand-new pumps suited for residential pressure washers generally cost between $75 - $150, it’s often better to buy a new pump rather than spend money on pump repairs. Yes, you CAN replace the pump yourself!

And you can check out my #1 replacement pump choice: the Generac Universal pump on Amazon.

MY TIP: Remember, you have many choices when you want to get a new pressure washer pump. Just because your pressure washer came with a certain brand, (Cat, Comet, General, AR, etc.), that doesn’t mean that you have to stick with that brand. You can compare prices & choose the pump brand you’d like.  

Remember that all pressure washer replacement pumps work within certain limitations for PSI and GPM according to your engine size. So keep these ratings in mind while you shop and match your existing PSI and GPM with your replacement pump specs.  If you’re unfamiliar with PSI and GPM, please see: Pressure Washer Ratings

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