Pressure Washer Pump 101

A pressure washer pump is the beating heart of any pressure washer.

It's easy to forget, as you compare different pressure washer models, that the quality of your pump is just as important as the quality of your engine!

You can see my #1 universal pump choice: the Generac Universal Pump on Amazon. With 3000 PSI, horizontal mounting and 3/4" shaft, it works with virtually all pressure washer brands & engines!

Check Amazon's price on the Generac Universal Pump.

Let's review the best pressure washer pumps on the market, then talk about the three main pressure washer pump types so you can choose the best replacement pump for your washer and budget. I'll also share some important pressure washer pump repair & troubleshooting tips.

Pressure Washer Pump Reviews

Here's my pressure washer pump reviews to help you choose the best pressure washer pump for your washer engine:

Triplex Pump Review

I highly recommend the AR Triplex Plunger Pump on Amazon. This AR triplex pump has a new high efficiency design, oversized bearings for a longer working life and stainless steel rods for added strength.

This AR triplex pump has 8 plungers, ceramic coated stainless steel crankcase and is designed for engines with a 1" shaft. You'll get a whopping 4,000 max PSI, 4 GPM and 3400 RPM!

Check Amazon's price on the AR Triplex Plunger Pump.

AR Axial Pressure Washer Pump Review

I highly recommend the AR pump RMV2.5G30EZ on Amazon because when I compare the power, quality of its components and price - it's an outstanding value for any homeowner. And I love that fact that the thermal relief valve is also included on this axial pump!

This AR pressure washer pump will give you up to3,000 PSI power, with 2.5 GPM. That's more than enough cleaning power for just about any homeowner DIY job.

It has a 3/4" shaft connection, is horizontally mounted, has the AR EZ Start feature - and also has the handy chemical injection system built-in.

I also want to mention that this AR pressure washer pump is pre-filled with special synthetic oil and is sealed. This means that you don't need to fool around with adding oil and the oil is maintenance-free for the life of the pump.

Check Amazon's price on this AR Pressure Washer Pump.

Important Manuals and Parts for the AR Pressure Washer Pump

If you'd like to do a little bit more research on this AR pressure washer axial pump, you can view or download these manuals and parts sheets:

Owners Manual - AR pressure washer pump

Parts - AR pressure washer pumps

Formulas & Conversion Chart - AR pressure washer pump

Horsepower Chart - AR pressure washer pumps

Service Dealers for AR pressure washer pumps

Or you can visit the AR Pump website.

AR Pressure Washer Pump Video

If you'd like to see a short video about this AR pressure washer pump and how to maintain it, here you go:

I hope you enjoyed this AR pressure washer pump video & learned a few things. And if you every need more trouble shooting tips, you can visit the AR website.

ar pressure washer pump

Check Amazon's price on the AR RMV2.5G30 pressure washer pump. 

Pressure Washer Pump Types

pressure washer pump types

3 Main Pressure Washer Pump Types:

There are 3 main pressure washer pump types:

1. wobble pump

2. axial cam pump

3. triplex pump

Each of these 3 pressure washer pump types have different ranges of maximum PSI, GPM, lifetime working hours and price points. Let's talk about advantages and disadvantages of each of these important pressure washer pump types so you can choose wisely.

Wobble Pump

A wobble pump, also known as a wobble plate pump, is generally used on entry level electric pressure washers with a lower price point. Wobble pumps are cheaper to build and they are usually not replaceable.

If you have a pressure washer with a wobble pump that breaks, you'll have to replace your entire pressure washer. These pumps are generally designed to last up to about 300 working hours.  

Axial Cam Pump

The next pressure washer pump type is the axial cam pump. Axial cam pumps are much more reliable and powerful than wobble pumps. 

Axial cam pumps have larger bearings & oil reservoirs so they can run harder and longer. On average, axial cam pumps last around 600-700 hours before needing repairs or servicing.

And I should point out that axial cam pumps are the most popular pressure washer pump type outfitted on washer designed for homeowners.

The Generac Universal axial cam pump on Amazon works with virtually any pressure washer brand with 3,000 PSI, horizontal mounting and 3/4" shaft.

Check Amazon's price on the Generac axial cam pump.

And if you'd like to read more about this Generac pressure washer pump, here are some manuals and links you can view or download:

Manual - Generac axial cam pump

Generac FAQ's - Generac website

Generac Pressure Washers

Generac Parts & Accessories on the Generac website

Or you can visit the Generac website.

Triplex Pump

The last pressure washer pump type is the heavy-duty triplex pump. These triplex pumps are most commonly seen on higher quality, contractor-level pressure washers. You'll get more PSI power and faster GPM specs out of triplex pump.

Triplex pumps have a longer life expectancy and are more efficient than axial cam pumps, but they are generally put onto pressure washers that are significantly more expensive and heavy.

You will generally get a much longer working life out of triplex pump, but you'll also see they're usually offered at a higher price point than an axial cam pump.

Check out my best triplex pump choice: the AR Triplex Pump RSV4G40-PKG on Amazon. This AR triplex pump has a new high efficiency design with oversized bearings for longer life - and stainless steel rods for more strength. It'll give you a monster max 4,000 PSI, 4 GPM and 3400 RPM.

You can check Amazon's price on the AR Triplex RSV4G40-PKG pump.

Now that you're familiar with the 3 main pressure washer pump types, you'll be able to choose the best pressure washer pump replacement.

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Pressure Washer Pump Types

Pressure Washer Pump Reviews

What is a wobble pump?

What is an axial cam pump?

What is a triplex pump?

Whats the best pressure washer pump?

How to Replace a Pressure Washer Pump Video

Best Pressure Washer Pump

And you can check out my #1 replacement pump choice: the Generac Universal pump on Amazon.

My recommendation of the best pressure washer pump?  It depends on what you want to use your pressure washer for! Are you planning on using your pressure washer for occasional cleaning? Would you expect to use your pressure washer less than a dozen times a year? If that rings true for you, a pressure washer with a wobble pump is a great choice.

Are you fairly obsessed with power washing? Do you think you'll be pulling out your pressure washer several times a month? Are you buying a pressure washer for the long haul? Then maybe you should consider investing in a pressure washer with an axial cam pump. You'll get years of hard working cleaning power.

Are you thinking about starting your own pressure washing business? Then you really need to invest in a contractor grade pressure washer that has a triplex pump. If you're a pressure washing contractor you don't want to lose time & money so you need a heavy duty pressure washer pump that you can rely on.

Best Pressure Washer Replacement Pumps

Replace a Pressure Washer Pump Video

Are you looking for advice on how to replace a pump on a pressure washer? Here's a short video to show you how to do it:

I hope you enjoyed the video and now feel confident replacing your old pressure washer pump.

How Does a Pressure Washer Pump Work?

A common question I get from my readers is: 'how does a pressure washer pump work?" You can check out this video that explains how:

I hope the video answered your questions about how a pressure washer pump works!

Pressure Washer Storage Video

And don't forget, you should take several easy steps to prepare for proper pressure washer storage. Remember, bad/stale gas or old pump oil are two of the main reasons for pressure washer pump failure. So doing pressure washer storage correctly is important to keep your unit up and running!

Taking just a few minutes, before you put your pressure washer in storage may keep you from having to buy a whole new pressure washer replacement in the spring!

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