Best Pressure Washer Pumps to Choose

Want to know a more about pressure washer pumps because you're thinking about buying a new pressure washer? Or are you having some problems and are considering replacing your old pump? Then this page is for you!

You can check out my #1 recommendation for a pressure washer replacement pump: the Generac universal pump that's also available on Amazon.

It's a universal pump which means that it work great on ALL gas pressure washer brands.

This Generac horizontal replacement pump will work up to 3,000 PSI with a 3/4" shaft.

And you can see Amazon's price on the Generac universal replacement pump.

Read below to learn about the three types of pressure washer pumps on the market - and which ones can be easily replaced if you're having trouble. My tips will save you time, work and money!

Three Types of Pressure Washer Pumps to Choose From

Currently, there are three types of pumps that are found on pressure washers:

1. Wobble

2. Axial Cam

3. Triplex

Wobble pumps are the most common type on the market. You'll generally see them on most of the economical electric pressure washers sold to homeowners -- including Karcher units.

These wobble pumps are less expensive to build. Unfortunately, these are not designed to be replaced and if you're having wobble pump issues, you'll have to replace your entire cleaning unit. You cannot switch these out if they fail. These are built to last for about 300 working hours.  

Axial cam pumps can be found on more heavy-duty electric and gas units that are sold to homeowers and contractors. These pumps have larger bearings & oil reserves and can run harder and longer. They are more reliable than wobble units, offer higher PSI and you can expect them to run 600-700 working hours before needing repairs or replacement. Yes, you can replace a worn-out axial cam unit with a new one.

And then there are triplex pumps that you'll see on very high quality, contractor-level units. Triplex pumps have the longest life expectancy, but they have the highest price tag.

Which Pump Should You Choose?

My advice is to choose the pressure washer pump that's best suited for the type of cleaning you're going to do:

Do you plan on just cleaning around your house & garage? About once a month? Or less? Then I would recommend a unit with a wobble pump because it's economical and designed for your type of occasional cleaning.

Or do you plan to pull out your pressure washer several times a month? Do you really like taking on heavy-duty cleaning or paint stripping jobs? Want to buy a unit for the long haul? Then you should consider investing in a unit with an axial cam pump.

Or are you thinking about starting your own pressure washing business? Then you'll really want to invest in a contractor grade unit with a triplex pump. You don't want to lose time & money by dealing with repairs.

Thinking about Pump Repair or Replacement?

When is it better to repair - or replace - your pump?

Read my Pump Repair or Replacement page to help you decide whether you should try to repair - or go ahead with a full replacement. I also include tips on installing the new pump.

Best Pressure Washer Accessories - and Buying Tips

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