Pressure Washer Soap - Is it Worth Using?

You're probably wondering if pressure washer soaps, or detergents, are really worth the cost. If you use them correctly they will definitely help you clean better, deeper and faster. That's why professionals always use soaps and detergents.

And you can check out my #1 pressure washer detergent choice: Simple Green Pro Heavy Duty detergent on Amazon.

My Pick: Simple Green Pro Heavy Duty Detergent on Amazon

The most important thing to remember about getting the most out of your soap or detergent is to let the soap rest on the dirty surface for at least 5-10 mins! Allowing the soap to sit on the surface allows it to do the maximum work.

Whatever you do, don't use any homemade soap recipes! I know it's tempting and you can find some recipes on the internet, but you really take a big chance of ruining your pump or engine. I've seen this happen!

Don't forget to use your black soap nozzle when applying your soap.

Good Luck!

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